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Best (short) introductory adventure?

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A few friends have asked to try out Pendragon, but we'll only have a single session of about 3 hours or so.

Are there any adventures that would work well in this short time frame?

I'll probably just use the pregenerated knights from the new Quickstart adventure so that won't take up any time.

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My favorite is the White Horse. Trait rolls,  some fighting (tournament style)  and moral choices. However,  you might want to check this forum for posts about it since there are a couple of very poor design choices (or at least phrasing) in the trait tests that might take the PKs out of the story early.  My pref is to roll the opposite trait to the temptation and not only do you have to fail that, but you have to succeed in the temptation trait as well.  And finally, it only delays you one failed horsemanship roll. This keeps things tense until the end rather than take a PK out on the first roll. 

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