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In The Time of King Arthur, What Kind of Knight Will You Be? Free Pendragon 6th Edition Quick-Start Adventure


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Adventure awaits with Pendragon 6th Edition!

Pendragon QuickStartCurious about the upcoming release of Pendragon? We have exactly what you need.

It is an age of chivalry, an age of adventure & fantasy—it is the age of Pendragon! The Adventure of the Sword Tournament is a complete scenario and special preview of the rules for Pendragon 6th Edition. Within, you’ll find:

  • A ready-to-play scenario, allowing you and your players to partake in the epic moment when an unknown, back-country squire draws the sword from the stone.
  • A rules overview covering Traits, Passions, Skills, and combat.
  • Five pregenerated Player-knights.
  • A primer on the city of Londinium: the setting for the scenario.

A Gen Con 2022 exclusive hand-out, we are proud to make this available for everyone.
Download a PDF copy here: Pendragon - Quick-Start - The Adventure of the Sword Tournament

New for 2023 - Pendragon 6th Edition!

In early 2023 the Pendragon Starter Set for 6th Edition will be released, followed closely by several more title as Chaosium relaunches this historic RPG line. See yourself why Pendragon, Greg Stafford's magnum opus, is widely considered one of the best designed RPG rules systems ever.


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I remember this was raised before but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I suspect it is a question for @sirlarkins.

The quickstart states for dexterity and appeal: 


Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity (DEX): measures a character’s agility and nimbleness. DEX keeps a character upright or on their horse when faced with the possibility of Knockdown, and determines the character’s natural aptitude with many physical Skills.

Appeal (APP): Appeal (APP): measures the character’s natural charm, presence, and physical attractiveness. APP also sets the default value for many social Skills.

Can I ask which skills they refer too and how they determines and set their defaults? I find this intriguing in a positive way.

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