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  1. When I do NPCs, I usually just have a running spreadsheet with a couple very quick personality traits/stats (sometimes filled out more as they go on, unless they are already statted up somewhere else), and I'll just update it whenever they have an encounter with a short line or two ("490: sat next to Sir So-and-So at a feast"). I I also use that when making Recognize rolls, if they have never actually met a person, they have -10 to Recognize (normally, someone might not allow them to roll at all, but I figure with Glory bonuses adding to that, you might be able to Recognize them by reputation alone), have only been at the same event but had no personal encounters -5, also -5 if they have not seen each other for several years, or something major happened to them physically, like losing an eye, gaining a scar, hair going white, etc. I honestly don't try that hard to develop tons of characters beyond backdrop though, generally only a few characters really end up standing out. My players almost always have a huge love of Sir Elad, though since he's also the designated babysitter that's probably understandable. I had one group get really close to Sir Madoc, but my current campaign's players kind of thought he was a jackass.
  2. A more gender neutral term for Lineage Men would probably just be Esquires, I think, since they are nobles, who are of age, who are not knights. As for skills, female Knights will use regular Knight stats, not Lady stats; this includes the Chivalry bonus. I do occasionally allow players of female knights to have it in their backstory that they were moved onto the Knightly track later on in life (so trained as a Lady up until say, age 14 or so, then Squired instead of the Lady equivalent, I think Maiden in Waiting?), in those cases I will allow/require them to spend their skills points on certain Lady only skills. However, keep in mind that Lady skills, like Chirurgury and Industry, are kind of seen as being beneath a Knight, so they probably wouldn't make much use of them.
  3. Because I have a tendency to make things more complicated, I came up with a way to randomly determine what happens to a squire; basically, every year starting at 21, they accumulate a score (can't remember what I called it since I'm at work right now... Squire Departure or something), which is (Squire Age - 20) + (Squire Skill - 20) + Modifiers (generally determined by their background, so say, the son of a vassal knight has like + 5 or 10, whereas a peasant squire has something like - 15), this becomes a score that the roll against every year, on a failure, they stay on, on a success, they leave. Fumble subtracts 1 from their Departure Score, crit means they will stay only if you give them an extra 1 Libra per year (not completely sold on this to be honest).
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