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What to Add to Elf Quest?

drop bear

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Ok may be starting an Elf Quest game soon, just trying to figure out from other games to bring in to the game, we have decided that everyone gets "Brawling" at Str+Dex and "Grappling" most likely at the best of Str+Des or Str+Siz as a Core skill. we may be bringing "Martial Arts" (no Base Skill).


What stuff do folks we should try and bring in from RQ CoC or BRPG?

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we are drooping Strike Ranks and all but dropping Hit Location from Combat

We are also looking for more Magic Skills.


Most of the Characters have had their basics done, we haven't done Prior Experience yet.


Characters so far are a Spear Fighter, a Bow Hunter, a Crafter who is also a Wood & Rock Sharper (and Unarmed fighter), a Trader, a Wayfinder and a Healer (who some also take for a "Witch") all are built on a Wolfrider template.

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2 hours ago, drop bear said:

we are drooping Strike Ranks and all but dropping Hit Location from Combat

That's exactly what I had in mind. 🙂

Something I'd try to change is make Magic Powers less random at character creation. I don't know exactly how I'd do it, but I've always found a little frustrating that you could want to play a "magician" (well, more a psionic, given the nature of magic) but end up with just one magic skill.

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6 hours ago, drop bear said:

Well for Wolf Riders at least Magic beyond Sending, Wolf Bonding and Magic Sense is Rare, part of your Quest is finding Magic if that's your thing.

I had in mind the fact Magic skills you know are randomly determined at character creation, and you can never learn a magic skill known to the Wolf Riders after that.

My guess is it's the same for other magic skills : if you fail your initial roll, you can never try again 

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We are Reorganizing Magic it to four broad "Types"

Psychokinetic, sub types are Healing, Shaping & Teleknetic

Teleempathic, no real sub types unless you want to divide Animals from higher lifeforms

Clairsentience, ESP type powers


Meta, for powers that affect metaphysical forces.


We are adding some normal skills like "Boating" and "Sailing". for Lore: Languages we are adding "Scripts" they are various "Glyph" used by each race, Elves & Trolls get their own Glyphs as part of their Race Lore, Human Glyphs are a separate skill, and the players Tribe has a Ogham script that has to be taken as a Language

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