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Great Pendragon Campaign Errata, Clarifications, and Notes

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There's material on running the GPC scattered here and there. For ease of reference, I thought I'd consolidate this in one thread. (If I've missed one elsewhere, please let me know.)

First, there's Greg's own errata for the GPC (archived at Internet Archive).

Next, there was a sub-forum on the Nocturnal Media forums for GPC material (archived at Greathall).

Also, if you're using the Uther-era material, the Book of Uther contains not only the years 480-484, but also suggested changes to 485-495 (p. 102).

I'll add other material here if and when I see it.

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Other items, by year. Some of this is errata, some of it is suggestions for resolving gaps or problems in the material.

Britain 485, p. 26 - Duke Galeholt begins his rise to power in 521, unless you want to assume this is the name of a previous ruler.

480-495 vs. 514 - The "Round Table of Uther" never shows up in any of the material on Uther.

495, p. 63, "Battle of St. Albans" - Octa and Eosa are not mentioned after this year, so consider whether they should die here.

510, p. 132 - "You might send the characters to ask the Saxon bretwalda...)" The bretwalda would be the high king of the Saxons, of which there is none at this time. This probably means the cyning, or local Saxon king.

514 - GPC doesn't give Gawaine's year of knighting. This is the first time he appears after Margawse visits court. (As a side note, he's knighted at Arthur and Guenever's marriage in the Post-Vulgate.) 

515 - If you run Grey Knight this year, the Lady of the Lake here should probably be Viviane, not Nimue. (It may also alter the dynamic between the two.)

516, p. 151, "Morning Ambush" - The length of battle is 3 rounds, but the fight lists rounds 1-7. Pick one, I suppose.

517, p. 154, "Saxons Raid Logres" - The book mentions the bretwalda, but doesn't say who is he or when he was appointed. This is King Ælle of Sussex. The Saxons! supplement says he takes on the title this year; not everything in Saxons! corresponds with GPC, of course, but it might be useful to note this occurrence for the players.

518, pp. 155-158 - Badon. The Book of Armies description differs considerably from what is provided in the GPC; do what you will with it.

The scenario also doesn't raise the question of whether weekly healing kicks in during the battle.

Also, the entry for 519 states that survivors receive income for every critical roll they make during the battle, so don't forget to keep track of this.

518, p. 157 - Badon, Day 3, Round 4: "Aelle fumbles his modified Battle roll, and Arthur criticals his." I don't think this has any significance in the current rules.

523, p. 192 - GPC canon is that Viviane imprisons Merlin, not Nimue.

559, pp. 356, 358 vs. 562, p. 362 - Greg mentions that Sir Lavaine is named to the Round Table twice, but his timeline is even more complicated because Greg swaps the Lady's Day Tournament and the healing of Sir Urre from the Malory timeline.  Thus, Lavaine, Lancelot's friend is gone from court, then marries Urre's sister, then meets Sir Lancelot for the first time...

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