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The Grey Knight

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I'm getting ready to run this adventure. I think it's generally well-regarded, if it does seem a bit like a railroad (which I think is less of a problem for a short adventure, I think).

Has anyone run it, or thought about running it? What worked well and what didn't?

Also, it seems there's material in The Grey Knight - character bios, the color shields on the back cover, etc. - that isn't in Tales of Mystic Tournaments. Any suggestions of which to use?

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15 hours ago, SaxBasilisk said:

if it does seem a bit like a railroad (which I think is less of a problem for a short adventure, I think).

it's an epic quest. All epic quests are railroaded ^^

I played it during the 540s, without any difficulty. I don't think the adventure MUST be played in 515 (?).

I changed the beginning. The intel to look into the wastelands came from a paramour of a PK (because it was appropriate).

The Wastelands were the highlight of the adventure. My PK felt the despair of the wastelands, and the holity of the queen of the wastelands. During the mass, 1 PK (christian) critted his spirituality roll. So he had a vision of the Virgin Mary,and his baby Son, during the Communion ^^

One other thing was the chronology. I let them counted the days, because there was a timeline. i added a few encounters "en route". And the fake damsel in distress/witch was the twin sister of the wife of one PKs. She (falsely) told she was made prisonner years ago, because I am a nasty GM.

But the fake damsel could also be the sister of a PK for exemple, not a random damsel.

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I repurposed The Grey Knight as a continuation of The Tournament of Dreams, since the PKs at that time were sworn to Cornwall, and not at all friendly with Arthur. So the Grey Knight was actually a former PK who had fallen for the former Queen's wiles, acting as her champion to try and oust King Belinans. It was Sir Dodinas who took up the challenge (instead of the default version's Gawaine), and the PKs needed to get the whetstone in order to get through the enchantments woven on the Grey Knight. It worked like a treat, and the Faerie section let me play around with the timeline to add a sense of urgency.

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