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The Witch Profession


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I need to put the Witch profession into Merrie England but BRP doesn't have one.

At the moment, I don't have BRP Witchcraft (although it is on my list of things to buy, when funds become available) and none of the other BRP supplements I have seem to have a Witch profession.

Does anyone have a simple Witch profession that they could share? The one from BRP Witchcraft would be ideal ...


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Not at all, not at all. As I say, though, if using it without BRP Witchcraft you might want to replace out Craft (Potion) and Craft (Talisman). I would suggest Knowledge : Occult (though as they already have Knowledge : Folklore there will be some overlap, still allowing it would represent the more intellectual than visceral witch), Disguise (There are many tales of witches that disguise themselves, by ordinary or magical means) and Literacy (if not automatic in your setting) as being three of the most useful. Alternatively, you could just say the players are free to choose any two suitable Crafts or Knowledges.

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