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[film] Inception


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but I don't understand why everyone is saying it's so complicated ... :?

BEWARE MEGA-SPOILER!!!!!! Basically the big question is-- did the top fall at the end of the film? If yes, then the film is "as told"; if not, it means the film itself was a dream (thus moving all the other dreams one level deeper).

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Guest Vile Traveller

Yes, but that's a simple cliff-hanger, a bit like the (more literal) cliff-hanger at the end of the Italian Job. It leaves the audience wondering, "will it fall/won't it fall?", but it's not a twist as such. I thought the sequence(s) of events in the film was easy to follow.

But I don't want to say it's a worse movie for all that, I think it's well worth seeing. I like open-ended films like this, because it means that in a way the film is never over in my mind. It felt a lot like anime in many ways.

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