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Chaosium's James Coquillat takes on new role as assistant editor of Call of Cthulhu


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You may know James Coquillat as a familiar face from our Twitch and YouTube channel's Stream of Chaos actual play and as the host of the Chaosium Interviews series. James has been part of our Digital Content team since mid-2018, and now we are pleased to announce he is taking on an additional role as Assistant Editor for Call of Cthulhu, working with Mike MasonLynne Hardy and Keris McDonald

James studied screenwriting at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He moved into TTRPGs from the video game industry, where he worked on games like Armello by League of Geeks and Ring of Pain by Twice Different. A native speaker of French, his TTRPG credits include Call of Cthulhu's ENNIE award-winning Reign of Terror.

After a misspent youth learning to juggle flaming torches, James says he is happy to finally be in a nice, normal profession like tabletop game design.

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38 minutes ago, Lordabdul said:

I wanted to check his French-speaking credentials at the last chaosium-con but sadly he wasn't there... fingers crossed for next year 😉 

You can see James speaking French in this Chaosium interview he did with Loïc Muzy:


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51 minutes ago, MOB said:

You can see James speaking French in this Chaosium interview he did with Loïc Muzy

Yeah -- I didn't see this one, but I saw the other two he did with Loic (one on Cthulhu art and one on Gloranthan art).... but do you expect me to trust everything I see on YouTube? 😄 

Ludovic aka Lordabdul -- read and listen to  The God Learners , the Gloranthan podcast, newsletter, & blog !

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