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Fencing rules and 2 melee weapons rules?


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Are there any fencing BRP-style rules anywhere?

Apparently fencing is a little like chess where moves are planned in advance, so I'm looking for something different from the attack/parry until someone hits, and allows strikes to be planned - but also quick ripostes to exploit failed attacks. I don't have Stormbringer but I've read reports of being able to do somethign similar.

And how exactly are 2 melee weapon fighting handled?

My examples are Daniel Day Lewis in 'Last of the Mohicans' and Mel Gibson in 'The Patriot' - knife and hatchet - where one weapon is used to block/parry/entangle leaving a strike open for the other weapon.

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There was a debate about ripostes, using the secondary weapon, one year ago. You should find a rule suggested by Jason, and one suggested by Rod Leary (and included in classic fantasy) in the wiki, or by digging it out of the forum.

Ah, and Jason is playtesting his fencing rules for insertion in BRP interplanetary. Bribe him for a copy :)

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The combat maneouvers in MRQ2 might be what your looking for. Depending upon the level of success, compared to your opponent when attacking or defending you get a certain number of combat manuevers to use.

For example: Red warrior is fighting blue warrior. Red goes first, he spends a combat action to attack blue warrior with his longsword. Red rolls 32% which is a success, blue parries with his sword and gets a 04% a critical success which is one level higher than a regular success, so that gives blue warrior one CM, combat manuever. He can choose a whole bunch of things, like disarm, riposte, pin weapon, armolr piercing attack, choose strike location, and so on.

there are other options and variables like weapon choices affect how it turns out. That's a simple example how that system works.

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...or something like the EnGarde! fencing system may be what you're looking for. Several manoevres are planned in advance, with 'rests' in between, and then the simultaneous actions of each side cross-referenced against each other to determine the outcome. Nothing like BRP of course!

But I did once write a program for automated combat that combined the two... (if anyone's interested, I could put it online).

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