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Setting template?


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I have one, but unfortunately it is in German. :o

In most cases I begin with a description of the physical layout of the territory

covered by the setting, including at least one map, and followed by descripti-

ons of the important or especially interesting resources, plants and animals.

The next chapter describes the population of the setting's territory, the histo-

ry and the general politics. I usually add descriptions of the main settlements,

wherever possible with maps.

Then come the economy, including lists and prices of the available equipment,

and the trade and trade routes, often with another map.

The next part is the culture and religion of the population of the setting, from

everyday life (houses, clothes, food ...) and special occasions (festivals, etc.)

to the scientific knowledge and the theology of the society or societies.

The last part covers the modifications to the game system used (available and

new skills, etc.), the game stats of important personalities of the setting, tem-

plates for generic non-player characters (e.g. "peasant" or "town watch mem-

ber") and the stats for any unusual animals or creatures.

Since I normally do not use magic or psionics in my setting, there is no chapter

to cover this, but in the few cases were I use them I add them to the cuture


There is no special reason for the order of the chapters, it is just the way I tend

to work through my notes to arrive at a semi-finished setting.

The basic framework or "skeleton" of a setting usually is between 20 pages for

historical and pseudo-historical settings and 50 pages for science fiction settings

(which need a lot of descriptions and explanations of the technology used).

Once this framework is finished, I usually put the setting aside until I have a new

idea I want to add or have a group of players interested in the setting. In the

latter case, we discuss the setting, and I add the details and changes the play-

ers consider necessary to have fun with the setting. This tends to expand the

setting to between 50 and 100 pages at the start of a campaign.

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That's a neat little document Rich. Thanks.

BlackLiger, have you ever seen Khoras? I've always liked the way the author streamlined information there. Reminds me of the CIA World Factbook.

Edit: Two other sources that aren't quite what you're looking for but may help you design your own are Rich Staats' World Creation Guide and the Worldbuilding wiki.

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