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Argan Argar myths


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1 hour ago, Bohemond said:

Apart from the write-ups in Troll Gods and the Sartar Companion, are there any major myths or texts dealing with him? Any idea what his initiation rituals look like among Heortlings?

I'll suggest going through the Esrolia book and reading the myths/stories related to Kimantor. Although Kimantor = Only Old One (i.e. son of AA and Esrola), likely for most humans, the quests/deeds of Kimantor will be a reflection of the earlier deeds/myths of AA with Esrola.

There's two references in Heortling Mythology which may provide some additional thoughts.

The RQ Classic Trollpak is the most comprehensive, not just for the cult writeup, but there are several references in the Uz Lore section too (e.g. AA, XL, and ZZ witnessing the Sun). AA is the Son of Xentha, goddess of Night, and has surpassed her on the Surface World. Of particular importance is Argan Argar's defeat of Lodril and the building of the Tower of Black Glass.

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