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Harn Monsters

Lord Shag

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I haven't done an A to B check, but do all those exist with BRP stats already?

No, or at least I am not aware of the BRP stats for quite a lot of animals of Harn.

An example would be the seals from the small supplement of the same name, but

there are a lot more.

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I have done a few stats for some normal animals and quite a few of the traditional fantasy beasts. I haven't posted that one yet since I didn't want to encroach on some other peoples work who are developing some fantasy beast guides of their own as monographs. I'll see if i can post up the mundane ones.

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I always wanted to build a BRP bestiary, with some of the "lost" creatures from the gateway supplement, and the possey translation, could be interesting. There a few years ago, a couple older RQ sites with some interesting critters, but they seem to have disappeared. One of the big complaints of my wonderful dnd zombies is that there aren't enuff critters, LOL . Of course they have learned when to run and many are catching the Basic bug.

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