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Holiday Dorastor Risklands Trilogy


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23 hours ago, Erol of Backford said:

Please include scenarios that could be run from 1605 - 1625. I love scenarios over background as we have more background than we could ever game in our lifetime, really! The more scenario material the better or so I say.

At the moment, the three supplements I am working on have the following scenario count:

  • Risklands: 31 Scenarios
  • Foulvale: 17 Scenarios
  • Hahlgrim's War: 19 Scenarios

With Foulvale, I think it will end up at about the same number of scenarios. Hahlgrim's War may increase, depending on what I think of when I am fleshing out the current scenarios. Now, don't get your hopes up too high, many of the scenarios are on-session scenarios, so they have detail but are not epic, game-changing scenarios. 

The Risklands, Foulvale and Hahlgrim's War Supplements have scenarios that interlink. Many of the scenarios can be played earlier and few have extra dates. Exodus has to happen after the Lunars are driven from Sartar and Prax, some scenarios need to take place after Hahlgrim kills Hakon the Swimmer, Ragnaglar's Breath has to take place during the Windstop/Great Winter. The rest can be put at any time. However, all three Supplements take place after the Renekotling Clan was created, and that happened in 1613. Sure, you can put some scenarios before then but they won't be anything to do with the Renekotling Clan.

23 hours ago, Erol of Backford said:

When will it be out as being in a battle where Ralzakark (or his double) gets killed would be something really interesting for a group of higher level PC's!?

I don't like the "Your Adventurers sit back and watch major events unfolding" style of scenarios. With Hahlgrim's War your Adventurers will be in the thick of things. For example: They will be sent to Hahlgrim's allies to get them to leave Hahlgrim and join Bilini; They will gather allies from within Dorastor to fight alongside Hahlgrim, using their contacts; They will be sent to fight some of the forces, which means I need to update how I see Battles as being fought and what the Battle Skill means when fighting large battles; They will be advisors to Hahlgrim as well as being Scouts, due to their presumed knowledge of Dorastor.  Will they be involved in the slaying of Ralzakark? Maybe, depending on how things go, although it is unlikely that they'll get Ironbreaker, unless I put something in about them being blood-brothers to Hahlgrim. There are, of course, other ways to kill Ralzakark, so maybe I'll include some examples of what they could do.

These should give you a feel of what the Scenarios are.

Risklands Scenarios:

  • Adoption into the Clan
  • Stormtup
  • Getting a Stormtup
  • The Running Deed
  • Rivals
  • A Strange Mermaid
  • All is not Well
  • Nangtali’s Plateau
  • Highlanders
  • New Land
  • The Bad Sheep
  • Slimestones
  • Romancing the Stone
  • It's a Deed, Indeed
  • Halim the Hero
  • A Strange Merman
  • Chaos Within
  • New Blood
  • Divided Loyalties
  • Renekot the Adventurer
  • Boldground
  • Settlers
  • Diplomacy
  • Secret Shrine
  • A New King
  • Bolthor the Hero
  • General Strike
  • Riverburn
  • Different Waters
  • Desperate Cure
  • A Strange Night
  • Golden Eagle
  • Stormwing Thunderhand

Foulvale Scenarios:

  • Strange Visitors
  • Settlement
  • New Nests
  • Grubs Galore
  • Queen of the Waters
  • A Bigger Boat
  • Sword Brothers
  • Three Swords of Honor HeroQuest
  • Carving Water
  • Drassalha
  • Pure Waters
  • Picking Devil’s Nose
  • The Mother of Tunnels
  • Knowledge Twins
  • Rebuilding Dokat
  • Restoring Dokat
  • Breaking the Curse of Dokat
  • Dem Bones
  • Dem Dry Bones
  • Slime Hoard

Hahlgrim's War Scenarios (Still in sketch form at the moment):

  • Bolthor Chaos Fighter
  • Bolthor the Appeaser
  • Ketil’s Warriors
  • A New Bull
  • Hahlgrim’s Feud
  • Feud Breakers
  • Adventurers Assemble!
  • A Call for Warriors
  • And So, It Begins
  • The White Lady
  • Gaining Allies
  • The First Battle
  • Unexpected Allies
  • The Tower of Lead
  • Betrayal
  • A New Kingdom
  • More Battles
  • The Last Battle
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3 hours ago, DrGoth said:

How does this material fit with the RQ3 Dorastor publications?

It complements it and builds on it.

For some context, I ran a lot of RQ2 Dorastor scenarios and then an RQ3 Dorastor Campaign before Dorastor Land of Doom (DLOD) came out, then I used elements of DLOD in my campaign. As Secrets of Dorastor was basically an expanded and cleaned up writeup of my RQ3 Dorastor Campaign, some elements were from the pre-DLOD and some were based on DLOD material. The Holiday Dorastor series is new, again building on things that were in DLOD but mainly new material.

Generally, if you liked DLOD then you will probably like Secrets of Dorastor and the Holiday Dorastor series.

For the Risklands supplement, in particular, it takes the Renekotling Clan from DLOD and builds on it. All the main Personalities are described in more detail, with some new ones. The Clan structure is expanded, with more emphasis on Clan Politics. Adventurer Creation is given a local twist, with Family History from the area and a mixture of RQG Rules Family History and local Family History, basically you can choose Exile rather than Death, giving you, or your parents, a reason to come to the Risklands. It also details where many of the Clan Steads are.

The Foulvale Campaign is based in the Foulvale, but the Adventurers are assumed to be from the Risklands. Hahlgrim's War has something of the buildup to the war, getting involved in Clan politics, before the war really starts. This is based loosely on the excellent and atmospheric stories in Cults of Terror.


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  • 11 months later...

I am pleased to announce the latest Stormspearia Holiday Dorastor supplement, Holiday Dorastor: Risklands.

Risklands covers the Renekotling Clan, situated on the very edge of Dorastor. Here you will find Family Histories for local Homelands, a summary of all major Homelands, descriptions of the Clan and its structures, Clan factions, a map and locations of the Risklands, a map and locations of Hazard Fort, Personalities and families of the Risklands, Cult summaries for the Golden Eagle, Mr. Beaver, Hostarn, and Kentyl the Bandit, Magic Items, and forty two scenarios.

Holiday Dorastor: Risklands allows Adventurers to join the Renekotling Clan and to progress from outsiders to trusted members of the Clan. It links to other Holiday Dorastor supplements and is best used as a framework, allowing scenarios from other supplements to be slotted into the scenarios found here, Look out for Holiday Dorastor: Foulvale and Holiday Dorastor: Hahlgrim’s War, the sister supplements to Risklands, coming soonish.

You can use this as an entry-point to the lovely land of Dorastor, or as a source of scenarios for other Orlanthi clans.


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Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since 1982. Many Systems, One Family. Just a fanboy. 


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