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During a recent MRQ2 viking game during combat encounter I ruled an opponent could take an advance of a combat action from the next round to perform a parry or evade (all CA had been used up). It was only when looking at the rules for something else that I came to question this. Im not if ive imagined it or read it but I thought this was a genuine rule. Ive checked MRQ2, Legend and even RQ6 and cant find anything remotely like my ruling. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers Gordon 

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You have imagined it. It is included in no version of the rules I am aware of, and believe me I have read most of them carefully.

However, what a character can do in case of lacking a CA for a defense is exchanging a Hero Point for an extra Combat action. However, in the case of a NPC it must be a bad guy who is important enough to have Hero Points.

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Thanks for your reply. Im not sure how how I came to that conculsion myself, Im thinking I may have cofused systems (I initially thought Coriolis by Free League was my inspriation, but having checked the rules. This ist the case) At least my players have took it well, and havent took the micky out of me... yet! Cheers Gordon

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I think it is kind of a cool idea, as a "Special ability", to be ahead of the game in certain circumstances. If it is a big bad, or a mighty hero, who can steal their own actions from the next round then it provides an advantage in the moment, but a distinct disadvantage in the next moment. Yes, they might evade/block a nasty hit this turn, but it means they can do less and block less next turn, so if the opponent recognises this and pushes hard over the next round(s) that initial flurry of greatness becomes a game of trying to keep up and failing.

In real life it is akin to putting extra effort in to get something done but then feeling spent and constantly on the back foot for the next few moments until you are able to take a breather. I might even rule a bonus to the opponent in those subsequent round(s) because of it.

This could be quite a cool house rule to investigate!

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