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Pregenerated characters


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Hello all! Still super new to BRP. Excited about it. I'm learning the system right now and in a few weeks I plan on running a 3 or 4 session game for my group to see if we are going to switch permanently. Let them get a feel for it. I would like to have a good number of pre-generated characters so we don't have to teach them to build a character to have this trial game. Is there a good place for pregenerated characters? This would be a fantasy style game, sword and sorcery.

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I could find this on this site :


Those character sheets are for Magic World, but they could easily be used with base BRP rules, provided you use skill bonus and random armor options.

The most notable and unusual aspect of those characters is that they have very high skills. You might want to reduce their values, for instance by removing the second "+X" some skills received. 




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