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Science Fantasy Hexcrawl Setting - Pangaea Proxima

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Ever since I decided to switch to BRP as my main system, I loved the idea of using its universal nature to create a science fantasy setting. I started doing some world building and fell in love with the idea of setting it on earth 250 million years in our future. Technology is basically magic and AI Gods govern the balance of the world.

This time frame means the worlds landmasses have formed another supercontinent known as Pangaea Proxima, which for now I think will be the name of the setting.

I will occasionally write updates for the setting so people can throw their ideas at it and of course take anything they like.

The map is for my first few hexcrawl sessions is basically complete.


The first sessions will take place in the top left of the map, the only part thats really finished. 

The yellow start is the safe starting town of havenbrook, an isolated settlement surounded by farmland and hilly plains.

The mountains surrounding it are perfectly ordinary except for the range to the south which fits the part in winter but when the snow melts, the rocky remains of a massive felled creature loom over the landcape. A remenant from the end of the world. Around its remains, a strange fungal forest has emerged over time with starnge unatural creatures emerging from time to time. 

Littered across the landscape are the remains of massive machines of war, all constructed to kill this one collosal being. Most are dead, but rangers tell stories of ancient machines roaming the wilds, carrying out their long forgotten purpose or purhaps long malfunctioned.


I am still coming up with stat blocks for creatures and filling out the random encounter tables but hopefully I should be good to organise my first sessions soon.

Also sorry if this is the wrong place to post something like this 😛



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I think it's fine right here.

It's possible you want to Blog it -- the forum has that feature built-in.

You might want to grab something like Magic World (or the indy/OGL Toxandria) as your base/core mechanic, then add some  Science!  from the BGB.

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C'es ne pas un .sig

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