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Storm Season 1625

Guy Hoyle

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My players have just finished "The Dragon of Thunder Hills" scenario, and Sacred Time is coming up. They are of the Colymar tribe, and I want them to participate in a HeroQuest. Although they are friends with Queen Leika, I don't know if Leika is friends with Kallyr at this time; did Leika participate in the Short Lightbringer's Quest? 

Regardless, I am looking for a good Sacred Time quest for my PCs, and would appreciate some suggestions.

Guy Hoyle

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Leika would have been aware of Kallyr's quest, and would know that a portion of it was to be enacted in Antorling lands. Kallyr is calling up an immense amount of magic, and people alongside the ritual would be able to join into that magic, both to support the main thing and to syphon off some of the magic for their very own goals.

The usual clan level questing during Sacred Time is a passion play of the Lightbringers' Quest, with the questers separated from the rest of the community, who then act as the heroquest encounters wearing the masks of the encounters. Some of these re-enactments routinely run out of the limited scope of the passion play and may take the questers deep into Godtime, or may replace mask-bearing clanfolk by actual enemies (which is when the ritual guardians come into play).

Kallyr's quest is such a passion play writ extra large, and then with some whammy. Delegated mask bearers might have to quest against other obstacles to get to their stations to receive their ritual defeat against Kallyr's band of questers, or may be admixed to the actual threats, and then to have to decide how to proceed while keeping in the myth without defeating Kallyr outside of the script.

Few other Lightbringer cult activities would be available for the LBQ passion play portion of Sacred Time. There is of course I Fought We Won as a (very dangerous) alternative rite to perform during Sacred Time, betting a lot of one's own communities on the outcome of very few solitary questers. This is an Orlanth cult quest that doesn't involve Orlanth. There might be others.

One quest I haven't seen played out or written up yet would be Orlanth's conquest of the sky world, and his successful defence against the Chaos invasion of the sky. At a guess, something like that may have earned Kallyr her starbrow, but no details are in publication. (The Well of Daliath might have hints, not sure I have read them all.)

Brave questers might opt for an "as above, so below" approach to use their Sacred Time magic, but that might result in a much weakened magic for Ernalda.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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The last session in my own game ended in very early Storm Season 1625. Kallyr summoned all the tribes to Boldhome, where she announced her LBQ plans. Leika attended along with other key Colymar representatives, including the group of sabretooth killers, dragonslayers, vampire killers, fire-demon killers etc that the adventurers had become. Although Leika mistrusts Kallyr, she recognises her legitimacy as Prince of Sartar, and would prefer to have the chance to influence her plans rather than sit on the sidelines.

In my game, Kallyr started her speech to those assembled with the Lightbringers Summons, which made it difficult if not impossible for most of the attendees to refuse her, however ill-advised a gambit they considered the LBQ to be.

The Seven-Tailed Wolf, on Jonstown Compendium, has an extensive treatment of the 1625 Short LBQ, including a fair bit about the relationship between Leika and Kallyr. I've also gone back to King of Sartar, so may play it differently to that. I think it's important to bring in elements from the adventurers' own lives - returning foes, foreshadowing of other narrative arcs etc.

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The Voralans presents Glorantha's magical mushroom humanoids, the black elves. "Absolutely phenomenal" - Austin C. "Seriously weird-ass shit" - John D. "A great piece of work" - Leon K. The Electrum best-selling The Children of Hykim documents Glorantha's shape-changing totemic animal people, the Hsunchen. "Magisterial ... highly recommended" - Nick Brooke. "Lovingly detailed and scholarly, and fun to read" - John H. "Absolutely wonderful!" - Morgan C.

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Two of our group of PCs had a high Loyalty Kallyr, and helped her on the Short Lightbringer's Quest.  In a short "spin-off" episode".  The others were Leika loyalists and stayed home.

Links to a summary and a song (I think this is one of my better song efforts, excerpt below):

"And I dreamed I saw the dragons
Orlanth's Ring up in the sky
And Bats were turning into butterflies
Above our nation
She is Starbrow
Queen of Sartar and Kheldon
She is golden
Caught in the Spider's bargain
And we've got to get ourselves
To our Queen's garden"

http://gloranthagame.pbworks.com/w/page/139626948/Sea Season 1626 Kallyr's Quest



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