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Chaosium PDFs on mobile devices


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Hi folks,

with my new mobile device I recognised a lot of pictures and maps will not be displayed within most Chaosium PDF files.

A way to get them 'nice & running' again is here:

1) open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat (!)

2) export the file as PostScript

3) close the PDF file

4) open the PostScript file

5) export the file as PDF again (make sure you are not overwriting anything)

The PDF will increase massively in size, but therefor all graphics, pictures and maps will be included. :)

Yes, you need Adobe Acrobat Professional - or anything similar that can convert pdf2ps and reconvert ps2pdf.

Hope it's helpful! ;t)

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Okay, kinda still on topic: What about eReaders? I'm looking at getting a Nook in the next week or so. Probably the first Nook, as it's on sale now that the new Nook Touch is out.

I have been tempted by the Nook color, but it's right at the edge of what I wanted to spend for an eReader at $250. I'm thinking I'd rather get the B&W Nook at $120 and spend the rest on books (a Chaosium purchase or two of course) and Child of Eden for the Kinect.

Any suggestions, feedback or advice is welcome. I understand that PDF support is problematic on the older Nook, but really I want a book reader first and any extras are just a bonus.

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I've used the Basic Roleplaying BGB pdf on my wife's nook. It is slow. You have to set the font size to small to see the whole page, and navigating it if larger is a problem. I've had considerably more success with my iPod touch (examing a mini-sized full page and then double tapping to read half a column at a time) and usually use that for my e-reader needs. A Nook is fantastic for reading epubs though, just not RPG pdfs.

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My iPad2 loves all RPG books so far. It's fast to scroll around, easy to magnify small fonts and fast to find pages.

Most Apps also give the possibility to mark pages for faster reference.

Apps I use: GoodReader for reading, iAnnotate for opening multiple PDF's at the same time (in tabs). When gaming and no PDF is needed, I like the Dicenomicon for dice rolling.

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Okay, thanks for the responses. A cheap eReader in the B&W Nook and down the road I'll look at getting a tablet of some sort for better PDF use, web browsing, video, music, etc. I really like the eInk screen, and battery life that you count in days, of the basic Nook rather than the rather power hungry Nook Color anyway.

As much as I like the smell of ink and dead trees, I can see the future of gaming being PDFs and tablets.

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I did the ordeal of using my Sony PRS500 for reading PDFs. it was horrible and slow. Reading it from top to bottom was ok, but changing and finding pages was no fun at all.

I love my Sony, even if I use the iPad more, but the eInk Display is still the best for reading a book. But not a textbook.

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