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Legend vs. RuneQuest 6


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Okay, a shopping list off the top of my head.

Skill allocation for characters is more freeform.

New skills introduced. Tweaks to how certain skills work.

Passions introduced.

Combat Styles redefined and Combat Style Traits added to make them more diverse and unique

Combat Special Effects have been altered. New ones added.

Folk Magic (Common Magic in Legend) works much differently

Mysticism is entirely new

Animism has some tweaks and clarifications

Divine and Sorcery spells have been tweaked and adjusted

Cults have changed a fair amount from Legend/MRQII

Far more monsters. Extensive notes on creating your own creatures and using creatures in combat. Several PC races

Several pages of GM advice

Although the core mechanics are about 95% the same, there are many, many, subtle improvements on Legend/MRQII. RQ6 is the game we wanted MRQII to have been.

The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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It's a bit like buying a house. Say you bought a house a few years ago and you finally have the time to fix it up, repaint it and extend it in the way you always wanted to. Well that redone house is essentially what RQ6 did to MRQII. It's still the same house though it may have a new conservatory, paint job and a whole load of refinements to make it just perfect for the way you want to live in it.

By contrast, Legend essentially consists of taking your MRQII house, giving it a quick paint job to hide the flaws and renting it out to pay the bills.

Both the same house but very different approaches.

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