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OpenQuest Pregens?

Clarence in Wonderland

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The only pre-gens I have are the ones that my player's created for our games, which I would need to type up and check with them. Since I'm off to a con this weekend, it would be sometime next week.

However I'm happy to set up a reposistry of pre-gen characters via the OpenQuest Companion.

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What we need is some clever chap with an Excel programme, knocking out some new-fangled Foes and Fangs for the new systems. Unfortunately I don't know anyone like that ... :P

Excel isn't the way to do it, really, as chargen is quite detailed and complex.

What you want is a proper programming language that can maniuplate tables, then it is fairly easy to do.

However, the hard and time consuming part is tabulating the backgrounds/professions.skills/spells/weapons and generating accordingly. Also, do you want to list all the skills for a bandit? What about freeform skills (does OpenQuest have them? I've not looked at it in detail) - do we ignore freeform skills and put all points into the basic bandit skills?

Then you need a table of skills that a bandit has access to. Assuming that this is generic, we can slot in bandit-styles spells and generate as many bandits as we want.

So, do you want 101 bandits or 101 Basic Bandits, 101 Expert Bandits, 101 Basic Saxon Bandits or what?

Fangs/Foes had a single set of skills with hit locatin blocks for each bandit. As OpenQuest doesn't have hit location, what format should it take? A list of weapons and Hit Points?

Once all those have been worked out, it is an easy job to generate as many as you want.

So, first write the Functional Specification, then the Technical Specification, then the program.

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