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pavis.jpgThe publication of Pavis for HeroQuest is right around the corner from Moon Design, and it's supposed to be as big as the Sartar book. A Pavis Companion is also in the making.


Making Your Pavis Character

Clan Creation for Pavis

History of Prax and Pavis

Prax (peoples, places, and more)

Civilized Prax (peoples, places, and more)

Prax Encounters (38 encounters, fully detailed)

New Pavis

Temples of Pavis

City of Thieves

New Pavis Encounters (40 encounters, fully detailed!)

Overview of the Big Rubble

Five New Pavis Scenarios

Cult writeups for Pavis, Flintanil, Lanbril, Yelmalio, Zola Fel

Cult writeup for the Seven Mothers

And much much more!!!

Plus tons of maps, art, and new material you’ve never seen before. Revisit the classic city as the Hero Wars approach! Previews can be found at the Moon Design site!

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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