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Attack to Knockback


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Since we are talking about applying it to BRP it would still be a BRP thread-just not this one.

Yes. This is often often the problem when one cut out a vast subject into different parts. Some questions fall inevitably between two or more parts...

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Need to look at how RQIII handled it as it was a option in that and I can't recall the rule at present...

Just for completeness, here's how RQ3 handles it:

The PC attempting knockback acts at his standard SR (as if using a fist attack). Compare the PC's STR+SIZ vs the SIZ+DEX of the target. Success indicates the target is knocked back as if the PC's STR+SIZ were weapon damage, minus the SIZ of the target, as for standard knockback. On a special success, the target's SIZ is *NOT* subtracted. On a critical success, the target loses any weapon he's holding (that isn't strapped on).

On a failed intentional knockback attempt, the PC makes a DEXx5 roll or falls. If he *doesn't* fall, he (not his target) is knocked back as if the target's SIZ+STR were damage vs the PC's SIZ. If the failed attempt was a fumble, the PC suffers the penalties for a natural weapon fumble and the normal results of a failed knockback.

If the target of a knockback is surprised by the intentional knockback attempt, the target does not use his DEX when resisting the knockback. If the knockback attempt comes at the end of straight-line movement towards the target, the attacker making the attempt adds 1 point to his STR+SIZ for every SR of movement before hitting the target. Other modifiers to the intentional knockback attempt are as per a standard attack.

So instead of an attack roll, it's a resistance table check. At first I wasn't sure about this, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. It would be a very effective technique for big creatures (e.g. trolls, giants) -- especially if there are convenient immovable objects to knock their enemies into.

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