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BRP Monograpghs No longer available.


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Then RQ3 magic is gone, unless anyone writes it up for a new supplement. I think it's a shame, as it worked pretty good. But, on the other hand, having my players not know the effekt of every spell in the book can be good too.


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Well, I am glad that I shelled out the cash for these (total of like $55 for all booklets and shipping). I was pissed off at the time because it thought it would be like what the BRP Zero edition is today. I felt tricked when I received them and discovered that they were actually the RQ3 books with the serial numbers filed off. It was partly my fault as well because I didn't do any research before I purchased them. I randomly decided to visit Chaosium's website and saw several monograph books for BRP and assumed that it was a revised and greatly expanded version.

Don't dispair though; if you own RQ3 then you have the BRP: the Chaosium System monographs. All you have to do is delete any reference to Glorantha and you are good to go! :lol:

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