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Psi 80s Spy Game Setting.


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So I was listening to Golden Earring and came up with this, basing it on pre-existing and failed programs the U.S. and Soviets worked on, as well as conspiracy theories about how both nations handled human rights.

{The Setting}


It's the 1980s- Mutagenic combinations of chemicals have been discovered that can cause develoupment of psionic abilities in humans, though the consequences are unknown for those

not born with such abilities due to exposure in the womb. This has created a secret arms race alongside of the nuclear arms race, in which neither side wishes to be left behind.

The Operatives resulting from the programs stemming from these discoveries are highly valued, but officially nonexistant. Upon being recruited into these programs, your next of kin

are informed that you have died, and you are given false names with no previous association to any citizen, living or dead, of your nation.

You have been trusted with top secret information about the Cold War's Psychic Warrior programs regardless of which side you're on (Nato/Soviet). Be it from recruitment into these

programs, or Working with people that were part of it and are members of the resulting Military organizations, you will come to know intimately the capabilities of a highly

trained human mind.

In situations where none are expected to survive, you are capable of thriving. Any situation where a small army would fail, or your nation wishes to avoid openly dealing with,

will be your specialty.

But remember. War is ugly, and to get the job done you must often sacrifice the very core foundations of morality itself.


Setting Basis: Earth 1980s

Setting Theme: Spy Games

Setting Factions: Soviet and Nato

Powers: Psionic

Nature of Powers: Mutagenic followed by Sensory Deprivation Tank.

[New Skills]

Contacts- (For getting boons and information at cost of money, as well as reducing favor loss with countries)

Urban Survival

Wilderness Survival

Disaster Survival

Favor: (Faction) -(Cannot be checkmarked for increase)- (For getting better supplies between missions, and as drops)


*Both sides will engage heavily in crimes against humanity during each sub-section of the cold war.

*GM is heavily encouraged to use this for moral dillemas between country and morality

*Not getting the job done and not sending a message both can cause Favor with the Faction you represent to go down.

*When Favor reaches Zero with a Faction that the spy serves, the spy is considered to have gone rogue. Favor is ranked from 0 to 100

*Openly aiding a Rogue Spy subtracts 1d100 Favor in each instance if a Contacts check isn't made.

*Favor is subtracted based on severity with options of 1d100, 1d100/2, 1d100/3, or 1d100/4 for the GM.

*Rogue Spies, if caught, are dealt with in very cruel ways. Same with anyone else that commits treason during the Cold War, though the punishment's severity depends on side and

nature of the crime.

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Balance and clarification.
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Except that you would have to be mutated and deprived of sensory input for a time to use it, it's pretty much the same skill. Essentially all I'm doing is limiting access to the skill.

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Explain modifications to Psionics skill.
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