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    Started with DnD after playing NWN 1, I found it hard to learn and overcomplicated.

    Went to White Wolf, which was too simple and random.

    Went to Savage Worlds, which was easy to learn, fast, but hard to explain.

    Started working on my own adaptation of TN systems using D10s, which had a stat based target number. it didn't work out too well in comparison to my CoC (Later) and Savage Worlds sessions.

    Finally got Call of Cthulhu, and now have BRP's Hardcover Edition on order for myself (Though can't open the pages until Christmas because I am expecting a ton of RPG supplies then). Love the system and am already making settings for it with what little info I can glean until the book arrives in the mail.
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    Mostly Homebrew or CoC. Have a soft spot for gritty settings like Cyberpunk ones, or Spy Settings, Pulp as well. Horror is always nice. Love Historical Fiction/Fantasy.
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    Vancouver, WA
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    This Geek is into Heavy Metal! GET THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS!

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  1. The rules for my cybernetics and resource points mechanics are both in the downloads section, last I checked. The resource points mechanic is meant to work alongside the wealth mechanic's defined terms (You get certain starting resource points and "income" of resource points based on those terms as defined in Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying). The Cybernetics mechanics are based on the idea of implants taking up "slots" depending on their cumbersomeness, but the cybernetics themselves are largely designed using a step by step process that determines their type (one of three boost types, co
  2. Will there be a decent built-in cybernetics system? Cybernetics in BRP itself are very lacking. Also, are you still using the core wealth system? I'm 100% on board with you using the Cybernetics and Resource Points rules I designed, as optional rules. I don't even care if you make a profit from it, because I just want to see it included in a D100 System Book that's actually being printed... And right now, while I am already planning on buying D100 Revolution, adding those two things in some form would make it a much more important (And pressing) purchase.
  3. Version 1.00


    Do you not like the Attack/Defense Matrix? Perhaps you like to customize explosions? Maybe Critical Successes and Failures take too long to calculate, or you just want to simplify the advancement mechanic a little bit. I have you covered!
  4. Version 1.0


    The full Cybernetics rules from this post: Prettied and cleaned up.
  5. Version 1.0


    Have you ever felt that requiring Status rolls to purchase an item is an inadequate solution? You aren't alone. I wrote this document to provide an easy alternative to using the Wealth/Status system for general use in any campaign.
  6. If any of you are monograph authors and use my work, and feel like you want to give something back.... Send me a copy of your monograph in print. PM me and I'll give you the mailing address if you show me a sample of the product.

  7. I enjoy using hitpoints as an abstraction a bit much for this, but a bleeding system with different damage dice based on wound severity and/or location would be wonderful for us simulationists. Basically this system and hitpoints side by side in modified forms, where wounds of varying severity all cause their own individual bleeding.
  8. What about the Mark-13 from SHOK (Movie version was called Hardware)? That was an excellent monster, and it took place in the same universe, kind of. Hardware (1990) - IMDb
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