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trouble with equipment


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Nice day wish you all,

I have a little trouble with selling and buying equipment. Can you gave me your opinion onn the question: "How many avarage (expensive) item value is worth one expensive (priceless) tiem value?" :?

Maybe it is not good question, so I try one example: "How many good (+5%) swords I need, to make change for one superior (+15%) sword?" :?



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There was a post about wealth and values, but I can't remember which one. Fact is, that the value of objects depends highly on the time, the place, culture and mode. There is no exact rule, all depends on your setting. An sword in Chinese steel was probably less expensive in China than somewjere else.

For your example, I would at least double the price for each superior value level, with no limit for the priceless. Then minima of 2-3 cheap items for an inexpensive one, 4-6 for an average, 8-12 for an expensive and 20+ for a priceless. Then in your example, you need at least 2 +5% sword for one +15% sword, but I would even pay 3 or 4 +5% sword for the +15%-one.

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As Zit already said. I have always considered that each increase in wealth level would at least double the value of previous wealth levels. But as Zit said even within a wealth level it can vary a bit but double value for each level is a good guideline. It is nothing official but seem to work for me.

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I tend to go by the idea that selling an item gets you half of the value of buying a new item.

So on a cheap, average, expensive scale, if you assume that 2 cheap items equal an average and 2 average items equal an expensive item. 2 average swords equals 1 expensive sword, but because you are selling second hand swords their value is essentially halved and you need 4 average swords to buy a brand new expensive sword.

After that you have your trading skills to alter the final exchange. If you critical your trading then the buyer settles for 1 of your average swords (and you've got a golden deal), if you fumble then that 1 expensive sword costs you 8 average swords (!?). That's sort of the way I normally deal with it, but then, I normally deal in numbers!

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