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Dumb Glorantha Question


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After perusing this website and these threads in particular, I get the impression that very little of Glorantha has actually been described and detailed over the years -- mainly a few key locations on one continent. If so, there are whole New Worlds out there on the other continents. And what traditional Rune- and Hero Quest characters think they know about the world could be challenged by what they find ... out there. Those other continents and islands could contain almost anything.

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A lot of Glorantha has been covered over the years, especially if you consider all the fanzines and other un- or semi-official sources. But you are correct in saying that there are a lot of new things and new worlds to discover. This is because the world is so large that in many places the published material has only scratched the surface. However the upcoming Guide to Glorantha will contain an enormous amount of new information on places never detailed before. This will not diminish the opportunity to discover, however, because, you know, Your Glorantha Will Vary.

Edit: BTW, what was the (dumb?) question mentioned in the title? :-)

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Prax and Sartar have been described fairly thoroughly.

The Lunar Empire has been described in patchy form.

The Holy Country has been touched upon, but not described in detail.

The West has been described, but not in a huge amount of detail.

Kralorela, Pamaltela and the Islands have been described in very broad terms.

The Guide to Glorantha, as has been mentioned, will cover these areas and more in greater detail. The areas should be mapped in great detail, However, I am not sure how much of the culture/history/religions of these areas will be covered.

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