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Culture (Own)


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Yes, I thought that was odd as well. I'ld probably go Culture (Own) INT+30 or so, and allow one neighboring culture to be Culture (Other) INT+CHA perhaps...

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Yes the starting percentage for Culture (OWN) is correct. The thing to remember about skill rolls is that they are only made when the character is truly under pressure or in the case of knowledge trying to remember an obscure fact. The boxout on OQ2 p30 "Games Master's Advice: When to call for a skill test "

If the overall result of asking for a skill test is that it will provide the player a success of minor import, such as a minor scrap of information on a Lore roll, just give the player the success without asking them to roll

So for example when it comes to Culture (OWN) everyone knows what the main political institutions are, Emperor and his court and perhaps the Wizards College, but they would have to make a roll to know that its really the Emperor's mother who rules through manipulating her son, since that is not so well known (and of major import).

Language is different because of the 50% fluency rule, so it seems artificially high in comparison to Culture or another base skill.

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