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Thanks nclarke. Definitely want to discuss this matter with Loz as I love the Healing Rate in Runequest 6...


Edit: I've messaged Loz a question regarding this, so replies may mostly be private from here on out

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If you've already touched base with Loz he's your best bet. I've never seen a copy in the wild.

Yeah, I haven't found one (found the HQ Gateway Licence but it is very legaleese). Loz hasn't replied yet is all so I thought I'd leverage a two prong approach! :)

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PM sent.


Just for general info, there is no RQ6 SRD. There are a couple of SRDs knocking around - one for the Mongoose RuneQuest 1 version of RQ, and one for Vile's D100 approach. However, as RQ6 is not OGL, there's no SRD attached to it.


We do welcome third party support. The RQ Gateway License accommodates third parties using and referring to the RQ6 rules directly and carrying the RQ Gateway Logo. However, we're not like Legend, OpenQuest or Renaissance.


Hope this is of some help.



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