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Phantom vs. Phantom


Phantom vs. Phantom  

  1. 1. Ghost Who Walks vs. Opera Ghost

    • Lee Falk's Phantom
    • Gaston Leroux's Phantom

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It's the Phantom (the Ghost Who Walks) vs. the Phantom (of the Opera, stats in Cthulhu By Gaslight).  Both are unusually strong, stealthy and agile.  Both possess preternaturally keen senses and a presence able to awe those around them.  Both wear funky costumes yet seek to keep their existence a secret.  Each is a master of his chosen domain (jungle/urban jungle).  Each has a signature weapon (pistol/lasso).  Both are skilled at tracking down people who seek to elude them.  Both have a soft spot for a beautiful woman.  Both are active in the 1870s.


Discuss -- tactics, damage, likely outcomes.

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Well, for starters, the two would be unlikely to cross paths. The current Phantom during the time of the "haunting" of the Paris Opera house would need some reason to go to Paris and get involved with the whole Ghost of the Opera house thing. Assuming that he did get involved then he would probably have some idea of what to expect (that is a person behind it all) due to his own origins. Being trained to hunt down criminals, he'd have a distinct advatage.


Erik (the Phantom of the Opera), main strengths would be his familiarity with the Paris Opera House, but I think the Ghost Who Walks would be able to deal with that fairly well, since it wouldn't be the first time he had to enter a villain's lair and deal with traps and ambushes. 


I think the most likely outcomes would be that Erik get's captured or kills himself to avoid capture. Or maybe "dies" but the body is not found (say if he blew up some of the gunpowder under the Opera House and got caught in the blast. . One figure is a hero who seldom fails and the other is a tragic figure who seems doomed to fail. 


About the "best" Outcome for Erik would be if he killed "a" Phantom but then had to face  his successor.

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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