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I recently switched from NetFlix to HULU and have been immersed in different documentaries about Egypt.

This got me thinking about Ancient Egyptian magic so I fired up Google and did some searching.

One of the sites I found isn't historical at all but based on some new works of fiction called The Kane Chronicles.

Anyway, in this authors rendition of Egyptian magic there are several types of magic. One that caught my eye was:

Combat Magic

This is the ability to summon a protective shell around oneself and it increases strength and one's senses to a deadly extent. People with skill in swordplay usually follow this magic.


This kinda intrigued me and got me thinking about This:


movie01_1510_zps60800b28.jpgNow....How to incorporate magic into armor, STR, DEX, maybe fighting ability?

I was thinking maybe I could tie it in with an Allegiance system to represent the sorcerers commitment to the avatar he or she channels.

Something that would allow POW to be used to judge degree of physical prowess of the avatar the sorcerer becomes.

Any suggestions?

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Nice, Auyl!

A search for a summary on RQ6 mysticism Magic kinda reminded me of Dragon Lines as well.

I don't own RQ6 but do own the former. I might be able to make the dragon lines paths work well.

I might design something like:

Path Powers

1. Augment STR: Every 10% in Allegiance (?) allows a +1 STR for 1 MP per round.

2. Augment Armor(AR): Every 20% in Allegiance (?) allows a +1 AR for 1 MP per round.

Just a rough idea..something to start with...

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Your system would work well, but you could also just use the Magic from BGB.

It covers what you are describing. You could easily add some minimum requirements according to Allegiance however - perhaps you need minimum Allegiance 30% to have a 1pt spell, and for each variable pt beyond this perhaps another 15% of Allegiance is required? Okay, those figures may be wrong - I just pulled them out of God knows where, but you get the idea.


Just bond the BGB Magic system to the Allegiance benefits, and you pretty much have your mechanics; the rest is Ancient Egyptian trappings, knock yourself out with those.

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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I really wanna use allegiance because the avatar the PC would be channeling is from a deity. I wish Chronicler Companion would hit the shelves so I can see how they deal with allegiance and religion. Supposed to be a chapter covering neat things with allegiance and patheons... C'mon Chaosium!

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