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Using Enlighten and Advanced Sorcery with the Magic book.


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   First I would like to say I like a variety of magic systems in my game. At present I am using the Magic systems from the Magic Book( Or RQIII) as my main magic system with the addition of the spells from Mongoose Runequest Spell book.

  In addition I added the Magic system in the Big Gold Book for Witches( For BRP Witches and called witchcraft in my game)  and Runes from the Bronze Grimoire as additional magic systems..

 I have also ruled that people can only learn one advanced(Non spirit magic) system So Wizards and Witches cannot learn Divine spells or if you learn Rune carving  spells you cannot learn Wizard Spells.

 I am now looking at both Enlighten Sorcery and Advanced Sorcery and the Legend spell books from Mongoose and wondering how they would fit in. I might add I don't like Sorcery from the Gold Book as I want Magic to be a learned system. I am also worried that a Sorcerer built from either Advance Sorcery or Enlighten Sorcery might make a a Shaman or Wizard built from the Magic Book look like Comic relief.







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Having a variety of Magic systems from different sources will leave some less balanced, unless house ruled. That's just a fact.

Like you, I enjoy a variety in campaigns I run. It creates an air of mystery to spell casting. I don't mind at all that some forms of the mystic arts are more powerful than others. A surprise here and there is quite nice.

When I introduced Deep Magic from Advanced Sorcery I was worried one players new Mage would over power another players current Sorcerer, but they both have up and downs and both players seem content. It hasn't broken my campaign just yet.

With the exception that the mage has discovered using the right combination of Glyphs and Spheres can allow him to raise dead.

But I was even able to balance this out by requiring a sacrifice of POW to make the incantation permanent. He wasn't tickled about that loss but it balanced.

Hope you have fun with it!

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I'm not sure how Enlightened Magic would go in a  general Fantasy setting where magic is already in play.


I have a homebrew Pulp Horror/Adventure setting which uses two magic systems: Mythos Magic from Call of Cthulhu, and Enlightened Sorcery & Alchemy from Enlightened Magic. They work fine in this setting, and would also work great in a very gritty Sword and Sorcery setting (Enlightened Magic describes how to make it more powerful in such a setting).


However I don't think throwing either of those in a fantasy setting would be good if other magic systems are already in use - it certainly wouldn't work Glorantha, for example. Like in Ghostbusters, it probably isn't good to cross the streams


You could use the magic from MW Advanced Sorcery however, as that would be sticking to the genre and I would not see any issues there. There are more sorcery spells that use the sorcery system from Magic World and BGB, although if you just make them skill based then they fit the build for BGB Magic system. There are heaps of other ideas that make Advanced Sorcery worthwhile. The Deep Magic rules are excellent if you want to introduce a free-form magic system like 'Wild Magic' or 'Elder Mages' etc. Think of a magic system along the lines from White Wolf MAGE, and you pretty much have a working variant for BRP with the Deep Magic rules. Yes it could overbalance other pre-existing magic systems unless you work in some setting-specific checks and balances, but overall its worth it, as Deep Magic is pretty cool stuff.


I really like both Enlightened Magic and Advanced Sorcery, although the later may be more along the lines of what you are after.

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