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Casting Spells While Flying


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For a land animal I'd say yes. For flying I think it wound't be limited unless he were riding a flying creature, such as a dragon or roc. But I'd certainly consider applying a negative modifier to casting rolls depending on the conditions while flying. 

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Is a spell casters chance to cast spells limited to his flight skill while flying?  What about riding a land animal, would the spell skill be limited to his ride skill?


As a general rule, I would say that if the movement medium is active, then skills should be capped at the movement medium skill.


So, when flying while riding a dragon, if you are directing the dragon then you are limited to your Ride dragon skill. If you are a winged creature and you actively have to flap your wings etc to fly, then your skills should be limited to Fly.


If, however, you are sitting on a palanquin on top of a dragon and you have someone to make the dragon move around and someone else to tell the driver what to do, then you are passive and can use your skills normally. If the dragon does some fancy aerobatics, then I'd apply a penalty.


Does it take effort to levitate/hover? If so, then it would be active and has a skill limit.
If you are sat on a chair with a rope to a balloon, then that is passive and would not be limited.
Other opinions may vary, of course.

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