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Shard Worlds


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I'm putting together a possible fantasy world for this summer.  Still not sure what system I'm going to go with, it might be D&D, Runequest, or Fate even.  I wanted a little input on the project, as I'm currently stuck on the last three worlds.


Here's the synopsis


At one point the world was whole, then 100 years ago it shattered into ten shards, each shard world cut off from the others.  When this happened these worlds were damaged, they each lost a quality or aspect.  Each world also became connected to two different kinds of mana, as the flows of magic warped and changed.  Now, 100 years later the worlds have come together once more, and there are difficulties.  Certain worlds do not play well with others, and some are utterly revolted by their new neighbors.


Here are seven of the ten worlds


Therion, A world without transgression. Blue/White

Therion is a highly sophisticated world, both technologically and magically, it also has some of the most complex laws found throughout the realm. This dates back to prior to the breaking where the ruling council of lawmages desired peace and stability at any cost. The breaking didn't change much, except reduce the amount of lawbreakers to zero. Now that the realms have joined the lawmages are panicking. They've had one hundred years of prosperity, and now the people are beginning to question their rule.


Kush, a world without civilization. Red/Green

Kush is a world full of steaming jungles, jagged mountains, and savage creatures. The people of Kush live in roving warbands, living off the land, never settling in one place. The technology level in Kush is very low, they have yet to discover metalworking. They are a people accustomed to conflict, every day in their world is a battle for survival. Magic is not unknown in Kush, each warlord is advised by one or more druids.


Scyrth, a world without law and order. Black/Blue

Scyrth is a collection of islands inhabited by thieves, pirates, and madmen. Law holds no sway on this world, yet somehow a semblance of civilization hold sway. A strange archaic society exists, under the iron grip of the pirate kings. Fell creatures are said to lurk in the deepest waters, things that are said to have caused the breaking.


Skorge, a world without death. Black/White

Skorge is a vast wasteland, dotted with areas of habitable land. In this world the dead rule the living. People don't die on Skorge, rather they rise as undead creatures upon their death.


Thane, a world without seasons. Blue/Red

Thane is a world locked into a eternal winter. The people of Thane are fierce warriors, and clever artificers living on a series of volcanic islands. The vents are their only source of warmth, and they are guarded jealously.


Solace, a world without conflict. White/Green

Solace is a land of rolling hills, lush forests, and golden fields. The people of Solace are simple, peaceful folk who don't understand the concept of violence.


Rath, a world without peace. Red/White

This world is a giant armed camp, with various warbands competing in deadly clashes. Everyone on Rath is a warrior of some kind.


I've got three worlds left, not sure what direction I want to go with them entirely.  I was hoping for some suggestions.


Black/Red – Uncontrolled Ambition, a world without humility? Restraint?


Black/Green – Some kind of dark forest. World without adults? Inhabitants all children?


Green/Blue – a world without gender?


This campaign idea is inspired by the Magic the Gathering game.  The whole shard world comes from their Alara set, while I used the color identities of the guilds from Ravnica for the shard worlds.  

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I did a MTG flavored magic system for a fate game using the mana point system from the tool kit. I used aspects for what colors you were allied to, a Magic skill for casting and a tapping skill for generating mana.


If I were to do this for BRP I would use the deep magic system from advanced sorcery. Just use the color wheel for the spheres of influece.


I've always wanted to do a shard world ever since I read the Rogue Mistress adventure for Stormbringer. One of the worlds you go to was shard world, blasted apart in a great war. each shard had it's own nation and it's position on the plane was determined by it;s allegence to law or chaos. The more lawful you were the closer to the light at the core and the more chaotic you were pulled you to the outer darkness of oblivion. I thought it would make a great campaign world but my players thought it was too esoteric and prefered a more traditional fantasy world.


But I would love to here more about this world your making so please continue.

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Naturally, in the reassembly of the shards, legalistic Therion wound up adjacent to gangsta haven Scyrth, while peaceful Solace is the fertile plain separating Kush, Thane and Rath.  Rathians are militaristic jerks because they have to keep fending off hordes of zombies from neighboring Skorge.  Meanwhile, a shadowy figure (or figures) from the Land of Ambition plots to annex all the shards in the world's biggest real estate scam ever.  Calling all heroes aka the player-characters ...

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The red/black world is obviously not going to be nice. I can probably work something out with the blue/green world. That realy leaves the black/green shard. I want to make it spooky, but not evil. I'm thinking of a world that is one massive forest dotted with villages.

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If you are still looking for Black/Green shard the Green monograph is just such a world and loaded with ideas for a forest style world.  Here is some free stuff that may give you a few ideas for the setting  


It started as kind of a group project here where a bunch of us were each going to create a different style of world.


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