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The mighty BRP Tool - Use money or not?


The mighty BRP Tool - Use money or not?  

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  1. 1. Do you want the tool to use actual money values (e.g. $ or £) and equipment prices, etc? Or do you prefer it as handled in the book, just using categories? Or don't you use any system at all and let the GM decide?

    • using money system (e.g. bastard sword costs 10 gold)
    • using categories (e.g. cheap, expensive)
    • GM decision (no restriction by the tool)

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Vote for the "money" system used in the mighty BRP Tool (Bachelor project).

If more than 1 has a lot of votes, I'll integrate multiple systems.
But for simplyfication, I'll start with the highest anyway.

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Ah, sorry, maybe it wasn't clear enough...
GM means, that I don't code any restriction at all. The GM (or the player, with the permission of the GM) can assign any item, no matter its value, to any character, without having the character pay for it in any way.

It is also important, because depending on the system, I'll implement a "price" input on the equipments, or I won't.

Of course, if the "money" system is chosen, the GM has the option to simply set all prices to 0, so you still can equip anything you like.
But if there is a price of 50, and a character has only 48, he/she can't buy it.
On the other hand, if no money system is used, you still can note the character's money in his profile, but it won't be automatically calculated if you buy or sell something.

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I'd like the system to auto calculate, myself, for both modern and fantasy seperate from one another. Gold and $. But I know that's a bit more work so...I'd be totally ok with you leaving prices out for the player/Chronicler to decide or just use BGB.

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Pretty much has to be "GM's decision" on some level, or at least have that as an option, simply because monetary systems are such a campaign-specific thing.  Non-decimal currencies, multiple currencies (with location-dependent rates of exchange), location-dependent pricing, haggling...  You're not likely to be able to account for all of these complications.

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I say money system, especially if the GM can set prices/values. I know from a programming standpoint, that is more work, but being able to customize the monetary system for the game is very important to me. A category monetary system to me tends to be too open for interpretation. I've never really cared for the category system of pricing mainly because to a poor person, an average priced item would be different than what it would be to a rich person.

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