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The Cosmos


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So I want to talk a little about the Cosmos of the world of Skaerune' and a little bit about the gods themselves. 

The World

Skaerune' was a plain sphere of thought, cast aside by the gods so that they could use it later. After a time it became clear the world and its random inhabitants needed someone to take care of them. This when they created (or imported) the Caretakers / Zero  People. Skaerune' itself is not the center of the Universe and despite it having some Earth - like cultures, it was never, is not, and will never be Earth. What it has become though is a place for the lost and ambitious to come and make a name for themselves. Even the Rakshasa, as ambitious and malevolent as they are, still suffered as menial demon servants until by chance, they followed the call of the Nameless One and took the Fourth City as their own.

Skaerune' is still mostly wasteland with a series of interconnected seas and small oceans that border the land areas. Some of the wastelands are hot and some are cold, but rarely are they temperate. Despite this they team with life, some of it unseen as few have traveled the whole world to see its delights. 


This is where most of the spirits live. The Morninglands are also full of temples and doors to other places. Some of the Heathen Gods live here even though the place is timeless. If you can imagine the best spring morning, not too cold and not too warm with a breeze that is light as well as the perfect temperature, you can imagine the Morninglands. The sun (Palas) is always half way up the sky to the east. The terrain is a mix of flat plains and gently rolling hills, with occasional rock outcroppings. One does not have to eat here or drink or eliminate if one does not wish to. If you walk far enough north, south, or east you will find rocky hills and steep limitless mountains. These are known as the Doors of Heaven and the many caves here lead to places and times interesting to those known as Myth Walkers.  Those dead who have passed on from the Shadowald come here, perhaps to be reborn or to stay. A few who journey ever westward will find the Last Sky and an escape from life on Skaerune'. No one who has ever ventured to the Last Sky has returned.


This is the land of the dead, tended by Tuon and other (as yet unnamed) death gods. It is a thick forest full of tall trees. The sun is never seen here though to the west is the glimmer of last light. All the dead come here and find clearings filled by others who huddle around a fire. Sometimes they play games or drink or tell stories and some sit in utter silence. A few weep or wander madly. For a one marked by Tuon or the other gods as having fulfilled their lives, the dark forests will eventually lead them to the Dawnroad, which leads to the Morninglands. For others, they may be chosen to sit with Tuon or be destined to be tormented by fierce wolves who devour souls and then pass them out through their bowels. It is a horrific experience that many experience more than once. For necromancers however, there is much worse awaiting them in the Burning Pines. 

The Twin Moons

Legends say that people live on the moons. Some say dragons live there too or instead. It is known that some adepts of moon cults travel there but either never return or are so mad when they do their words have no meaning.

The Night Sky

Stars can be seen at night. Legends say the people came from the stars and the Last Sky leads back there. No one is sure if the legends are true or not.

Gods of the Old World

These vastly powerful beings are timeless. They do not age and despite their interactions with mortals they live a very different existence than mortals or the other gods. It is said that so vast is the power of even the least of these, that the life of Skaerune' is the single blink of their eye.

Heathen Gods

There are many types of Heathen Gods. Some are powerful animal lords. Some are mortals who were chosen by the world or Gods of the Old World to become gods in their own right. Some were demigods who tagged along with their people when a city was summoned to Skaerune'. Many of the Heathen Gods, especially the animal lords live on Skaerune' proper.

Angels & Demons

The roles of Angels and Demons is indifferent to the will of the gods. They serve no gods, but instead serve Creation & Order (Angels) and Destruction & Chaos (Demons). One is not necessarily good or evil, though demons tend towards pursuits that put them at odds with the work of those who wish to see a better world. No one created either group; they were instead drawn to the world when Skaerune' became a vibrant and living world. Over time some have gained many followers and personalities and cults. 

The Immortals

Some mortals become immortal, through a series of quests, Myth Walking, and beating death. There are rituals involved as well and at some point a person just knows when he or she is on that path. One in a thousand even have a chance and only one in a thousand of these begin the path. Only a handful have managed it. The Old Man was thought to have been immortal before he came to Skaerune; but he is considered the first immortal. As with the Angels and Demons, some immortals have gained cults of their own.

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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I really like these little glimmers of mythology ...

Did you already post an overview of the most important playable species of the setting somewhere? I've only seen humans, some kind of dwarves and the Rakshasar mentioned (and the latter ones are, if I get it right, not intended as a PC species ...).

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To begin with humans will be the only playable race. There will be four cultures to work with. However, I am considering a supplement (of some sort, trying to minimize your cost and mine) that adds some of the Myth species and maybe even Rakshasa or other demons as playable races. I would prefer either free PDFs or if I cam going to charge for that, then a thick and meaty supplement. But that is for the future.

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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