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SteamCraft RPG

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I probably should have made my way here a long time ago.  I am the creator of the SteamCraft RPG.  While not BRP based, it is percentile, which should be of interest to most players here.  I have many other games in the pipeline that will be percentile based, so I thought this would be a good community to run ideas by and maybe have people test out a few things before going to press. 

Before posting up about the new games and the new percentile system I will be using with those, I thought I would post up about SteamCraft and see if people have any questions about the setting or game system. 

About SteamCraft

(Short version where I have to describe it in 5 seconds: Steampunk Shadowrun set in an alternate world but with a much easier system.)

SteamCraft is a steampunk rpg. It is not a steampunk RPG (which IMO is what most games that are labeled as steampunk really are.)  This is not to say you cannot play it pulp style, but the game is dystopian in nature.  SteamCraft takes you to an alternate, dystopian world where gears, goggles, and airships dominate life. The Industrial Age is joined by an early Information Age, combining into a gritty world where corporations use technological advances to amass hordes of wealth and power at the expense of the working class.  Meanwhile, technomages' ability to create by mixing magic with machine lurches ahead of their wisdom to control their creations and where scientific exploration is best done in coal powered airships venturing beyond the charted world maps.

Just as Shadowrun mixes cyberpunk and fantasy, SteamCraft mixes steampunk and fantasy. The scientific wonders of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells mix with fantasy elements like dwarves and elves.

SteamCraft is set on an Earth based world, but one that is not Earth.  This allows you more freedom to play without worrying about getting historical setting details always just right. The setting is focused on a “New-World” where colonies have become independent and are now gaining power and influence.  A wild frontier, filled with ancient tombs and other curiosities begs to be explored. Steampunk (not Victorian) attire required of course.

Game System


SteamCraft uses a d100/percentile system that is simple and intuitive to understand and easily modifiable to fit your game’s needs. Abilities and Attributes are rating from 01-100.


Characters are skill-based enabling players to create and customize their team roles and individualize their characters as they prefer.


Archetypes are provided to aid in character creation and inspire players on the types of characters fitted to the genre.


The SteamCraft core rulebook also includes rules for airship creation and combat and item creation and invention.


Other Products


Wake the Dead – A trilogy of adventures

Rusting Sands – Setting supplement designed to give you a North African steampunk feel. 

Shadows Over Newport – Setting supplement that focuses on building up some of the mystery and horror elements loosely based on a steampunk New Orleans concept.

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2 hours ago, rsanford said:

Welcome Steamcraft! Thanks for the artist info yesterday as well!

No problem.  If you need any more of that type of info, just let me know and I will see if I can answer it for you. 

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Influences?  That is difficult.  I looked at many RPGs including various d100 games.  I wanted use a percentile system and a skill system.  I do not like class/level games anymore.  I suppose that Gary Gygax’s Lejendary games would have the most influence on game design.  There might be some aspects similar to my 2nd edition of CoC as well.  I am sure others might notice influences I am not aware of.

Here are the differences I can think of:

1.  Different attributes and the attribute ratings are percentile as well. 

2.  Complete point based character creation.  No rolls for anything or options to roll.

3.  You earn XP for play and accomplishing goals.  There isn’t an XP check. 

4.  There is an edges and flaw system. 

5.  You have skill is pretty much ever ability.  However, at the start of the game, you focus on 6 main skills.  These will typically have ratings in the 40-60 range.  The remaining abilities start at 10% of an attributes rating. 

6.  Ability ratings assume a stressful/combat situation.  So, in a relaxed setting bonus apply or no skill check needed. 

7.  Abilities are skill-clusters.  Skill-clusters allow you to perform related activities of a role.  For example, instead of having a skill for picklocks, pickpocketing, and palming, you have a thieving skill that combines all of these together.  Instead of specializing in each melee weapon, you just have a melee weapon skill.  Investigation includes tracking, interrogation, collecting evidence, taking and analyzing fingerprints, knowledge of laws, knowledge of local criminal gangs, etc. 

8.  A simple specialization option is available.  For example, suppose you wanted to specialize in pistols.  You have a Ranged Weapons rating of 50.  That will drop to 40.  However, your pistol rating increases to 60. 

Then as an optional rule in an expansion, I introduced the 3d10 system.  I will post more about this soon since it is the basis on the new games coming out.  Essentially, you add a 3rd d10.  That d10 tells you how well the action succeeded or failed.  It provides both narrative and mechanical aspects depending on the result.  It is much more similar to the threat/advantage system of FFG Star Wars than the fumble/critical system of BRP.

Setting specific rules include rules for steampunk creations.  These are detailed instead of a just one time check of a skill.  There are also rules for creating airships.  This is more akin to character creation than a building skill. 

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