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Simplifying not Dumbing Down


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I've started working on my convention scenario for this year, which is debuting at 7 Hills in Sheffield UK in April, and should be available to play at UK Games Expo and Continuum later in the year.


So I’m preparing my pitch for the 7 Hills Convention in April, where I’m going to unleash my mega-adventure for HeroQuest Glorantha upon 4-6 players.  Even if the players are familiar with Glorantha I want it to be mega-fun rather than mega-complicated, because even with a four hour slot I’m not cramming in 16 hours + of my home campaign (with all its plot twists and stuff that my players have painstakingly built up), I’m creating a sandbox with story seeds and plot threads that the players can pick up and have fun with.

Read the entire article on the Hearts in Glorantha blog


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3 hours ago, ReignDragonSMH said:

A great example of less is really more. Too much information, especially if it is not directly relevant, will dilute the message. 

It can make introducing someone to Glorantha especially tough, especially when you've got a ton of books! 

Well done Newt, the simplified version is great! 

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