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Nameless Horrors was truly excellent.  Blood Brothers (1 & 2) was truly horrible (although good for a laugh).  I was wondering if the 7e will see some more non-Mythos horror scenarios/sourcebooks.  As most of my homebrew adventures have involved these (with just a suggestion of the Mythos taint behind them), I am beginning to run out of material.  Will we likely see more non-Mythos horror or is that more the realm of the Esoterrorists?

I always liked the premise of the X-Files where legends turn out to be part of a larger conspiracy.  That said, week after week, of Mythos horrors can kill a group (literally and figuratively) -- so I am looking for supernatural scenarios in which players get the cosmic horror kick but without the terrible SAN loss that might go with it.  And, I would want these to remain in the realm of a purist CoC format not pulp.

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I have no clue about 7e releases, but you might find some options with 6e (and prior) material, if you're not already familiar with them.

Pagan Publishing had a couple non-mythos releases: the Bumps in the Night scenario collection, and the campaign, Coming Full Circle. CFC is a great campaign that I heartily recommend. I ran it for a gaming group back around 2008 and they loved it. I own BitN, but I haven't looked it over in some time, so I can't vouch for scenario quality.

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Would adapting material from After the Vampire Wars help? I understand the setting has vampires and other supernaturals stepping "out of the shadows" more than they do in your classic World of Darkness-type premise, but if the supplement provides a basis for creating vampires/werewolves/whatever who are varied enough that you can support an extended cast of them but clearly related enough that they're the same general type of monster, it might be useful for a spot of monster-hunting, or an "Investigate the hidden society of vampires" sort of deal.

Of course, that said there's perfectly serviceable vampire and werewolf stats in the CoC core books, so you could just take those and adapt accordingly.

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Not sure that I want to go the full WoD or After the Vampire Wars route...rather horrors should be more subtle.  Such as, I ran a game where investigators where First Nations policemen who had imprisoned a demon 66 years ago.  Now one of the officers was infected by the demon unbeknownst to their comrades.  I never want to spell out who the demon was.

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