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Genesis of River of Heaven


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In support of the OpenQuest Bundle of Holding that is currently running until Tuesday 4th April, here’s the second of a series of posts about how our D100 Sci-fi game, River of Heaven (which is included with its supplements in the bundle) came about.

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Guest Vile Traveller

It's probably a bit more than eight, as it was kicking around on John's CR forum for quite a while before he decided to go for OQ as the system of choice.

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Good to see you mention the River of Heaven soundtrack. I listen to a lot of music at work or when I'm here in front of my PC, and (I'm not looking at being a 'suck-up' when I say) the RoH OST is by far the best RPG soundtrack I've ever heard. It focuses on real music, rather than just atmosphere, and that, to me at least, is why it stands out from most others.




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I know it's not listed in the Appendix of science fiction, but Rivers of Heaven had a real Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse series) feel for me. Complete with Belters ("Skinnies") and nanotech, generation ships, and hardsuits with small-calibre smartguns built in. The Visser cubes are similar to the gates in the Expanse, and the focus on large corporations (I eschew the words house and guild in my game because I'm not going for the Dune flavor -- I got Dune out of my system with a homebrew game and Fading Suns, and wanted this to be harder on the scifi and just less psychedelic, more like Aliens and The Expanse. That's just what my players wanted so perfect.) Also, Dark Matter if I recall has a female ship pilot who is either an android or a cyborg, and is portrayed very similar to the way a Stepdaughter might act. I like that RoH is a sandbox that lets me play the version my players and I want. They commented that the feel was very hard scifi and very Aliens; no mean feat!

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