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What are your thoughts on giving luck rewards to players about equal to the sanity rewards (p57)?

This is something new for 7th ed... 

With a one shot game, it's nice to encourage a player spend lots of luck early in the game, it adds to the horror when they realise they've not enough to escape something really nasty.

I have a surviving character from a previous adventure running through ATTHarvest. Unfortunately, her luck is now down around 25%, and while it's amusing and adding colour to the story, I fear it may reduce the fun as time goes on. It's a tricky one, I know some groups don't spend any luck, and others spend big.

I'm tempted to have everyone re-roll a new 3d6x5 starting luck for the next story, have luck as a constantly shifting stat.


Pete S.

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In both my HotOE campaign and aTtH, I let the players burn luck, but I don't let them regain it.  In my HotOE game, one player is down to 7% luck another at 35%.  In aTtH, the players (most new to 7th) forgot the luck mechanic and I was so involved in the Mi-Go attacks I forgot to remind them of it, but the result was 1/2 the PCs got abducted.  Three PCs actually drove away into the night and left a PC behind to her fate.  Very classic CoC ending.

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As stated, there is Luck recovery roll detailed in the Rulebook.  There is nothing stopping a Keeper from giving an additional Luck reward during the investigator development phase if she or he chooses to do so (this could be in addition to Luck recovery rolls and a reward for good play).

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