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Best mutations = dark magic rules for BRP/Stormbringer.


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I'm hoping to kick off a post apocalyptic dark fantasy game where the setting on the surface is dark fantasy, but underneath it is set on a slowly decaying post galactic warfare isolated ringworld where te remaining rate sufficiently advanced tech is seen as magic but also various forms of "corruption" (Nanites, radiation,, warp engine leakage, or whatever handwavium you care to mention) gives characters mutant powers/magic.

Ideally Id like to use the same system for PCs but also for major NPCs and mutant creature/chaos nasties from the swamps of "don't go there".

What system from any BRP variant or supplement would people recommend for such a game and why?

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I'd consider the Mutation, Psionics and Superpowers rules, primarily because they can most easily be done up as high tech, as opposed to magic. Oh, and the Chaotic Features tables from old RQ. If you don't have those I'm sure I can scan the tables. You might want to dig up something like Cyberpunk and adapt/port things over to BRP. At least as far as a framework/ideas go. Ditto Cybergeneation for some neat nanite type powers. 


One thing to be worried about is the mutation and caotic feature rules are mostly random rolls, which can and will tend to give you random results. That can make it much tougher for the players and the GM that you might like. How comfortable are you with the idea of a PC going around with a 40 STR? Or 20 points of natural armor? If you have problems with that, you might want to go with superpowwers, since you get to reign in the powers as they are bought for with points. 






Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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Going old school again would be the original Hawkmoon rules. The background of the Tragic Millennium sounds pretty close to your ideas: a thousand years after a nuclear war has left science in the hands of mad magicians, with ancient artefacts scattered around, like a robotic gorilla thing, flame lances (basically lasguns), ridable giant flamingoes, horned horses, and so on. 

All the mad superscience skills are arranged in levels (so someone with 50% Biological Lore can bioengineer an increase or decrease in STR or SIZ by 1D6; minor exterior alterations: +/- 1 armour point, thicker fur or hairless body, longer tail, etc. but nothing more powerful until they get to 51% skill). As Atgxtg said, I'm sure I can get the tables scanned somehow.


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