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  1. How do you create NPC's

    I have a suite of Perl scripts I've written over the years to generate PCs and monsters for various BRP games. The abbreviated output looks like this: 11 colin@rokk> ./mkbrppc.pl --genre=fantasy --profession=wizard --race=human | ./npcstatblock.pl Name: normal fantasy human wizard Characteristics: STR [13] CON [11] SIZ [11] INT [11] POW [14] DEX [10] APP [6] EDU [15] SCB: Combat 1% Communication 1% Manipulation 1% Mental 5% Perception 3% Physical 0% Combat: Hit Points=11 Major Wound Level=6 Stat Rolls: Effort 65% Stamina 55% Idea 55% Luck 70% Agility 50% Charisma 30% Know 75% Derived: PP=14 XP=6 FP=24 SAN=70% DB=NONE MOV [10] Skills: Knowledge Occult 56%, Perform Rituals 46%, Language Other 21%, Craft Skill 21%, Knowledge 1 40%, Knowledge 2 30%, Insight 28%, Persuade 36%, Research 50%, Literacy 64% Powers: Cast 4 Magic spells of the player's choice. Each has a starting level of 11 %. Or Cast 6 Levels of Sorcery spells of the player's choice. These spells have no starting skill level. They just *work*. Bonus Skills: 27 34 24 21 Possessions: Notes: 12 colin@rokk> The 'Bonus Skills' numbers can be used by the GM to increase existing skills or add new ones. Now, this wizard isn't exactly great but I can always re-run the script until I get a 'better' result. Most of the NPCs used in the Golden Grimoire (Stormbringer) and Magic World campaigns were generated using these scripts. Colin
  2. Under-Half Successes

    A Critical causes double damage; a Special causes the weapon's special effects; so what would be the effect of an "Under Half Success"? Roll damage twice and take the higher result might work but that just increases the number of dice rolls. Or, an Under Half Success could automatically allow a riposte. When applied to other skills, I can see how this would be useful. Perhaps on an Under Half Success, a particular task gets completed more quickly (even a couple of combat rounds could make all the difference in some cases) or has some other minor advantage. As for a different name, I quite like "Solid Hit" or "Solid Success". Hope this helps a bit. Colin
  3. What would be a Willpower Check?

    Welcome to BRP Central, dieselpunk! I agree with Questbird that your use of POWx5 as a willpower check is a good idea. For morale, however, you can be a bit more flexible. POWx5 will work nicely but I often use INTx5 to see if the enemies are smart enough to run away if they're taking a kicking from the PCs. Hope this helps. Colin
  4. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    Does this mean that when the stars do align, there'll be no need for an Introduction to CoC ... because we'll all be living it Colin
  5. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    Surely "Introduction to CoC" or "Introduction to Roleplaying in Glorantha" are specific to the worlds or genres in which they are being played? It's great to have Intro to CoC if I want to play a modern-day horror game (with or without the Mythos) or a Glorantha introduction for fantasy worlds. But if I wanted to play in a science-fantasy world (like the 80's cartoon He Man and the Masters of the Universe) or a post-apocalyptic setting (like Mad Max or Gamma World) would either a CoC intro or RQG intro have all the material I need? Hence the calls for an updated BRP/BGB, which I would support. Colin PS: I am probably getting "RuneQuest Glorantha" mixed up with CRQ (Chaosium RuneQuest?), which I confess is new to me, so apologies in advance.
  6. Stormbringer 3 ed. - illustrators

    @David Scott That's the page that is missing from my copy. (Grumble, GW production quality, grumble). Colin
  7. Stormbringer 3 ed. - illustrators

    Hi @Borejko The title page of SB3 was painted by Peter Jones, as interviewed by John Blanche in White Dwarf 90 in June 1987 (thirty years ago! Arioch save me, I'm getting OLD ). Many of the other full-page colour and black-and-white illustrations are by Frank Brunner. Are you looking for something specific? Regards, Colin
  8. Stormbringer 3 ed. - illustrators

    Hello Borejko, I have a copy of the Stormbringer 3rd ed rules (as I'm sure many others on this forum also possess). From my copy, which has admittedly fallen apart over the years but has all the pages, I can't see a list of "artist credits" which makes narrowing down the search a little tricky. Do you have a description of the illustration you're looking for? I can go through it page by page if need be. Regards, Colin
  9. Fate of BRP

    Outstanding! I had thought of something a bit simpler, however. If the game's skills can't exceed 100, then a Fumble occurs on 00 (for skills => 50%) or 99-100 (for skills < 50%). A Mishap occurs on 99 (for skills => 50%) or 97-98 (for skills < 50%). The same parameters can be used for skills over 100. This way, a super-skilled character (eg 150% in a skill) doesn't go from success to Fumble in a single step: there is a chance of something "slightly less disastrous" happening instead. Note that these were just ideas: they have never really been tested in a game. Colin
  10. Fate of BRP

    I've actually thought about having an extra level of failure. It seems quite drastic that a character can have a normal fail or a complete disaster. A "mishap" level, worse than a fail but not quite as bad as a fumble, to balance out the critical/special/success levels. Any thoughts? Colin
  11. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Welcome aboard, Mel! And welcome to BRP Central. Colin
  12. Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Regarding doubling-up on some skills. It's just gut instinct for me but "Hide/Move Quietly" or "Repair/Devise" look untidy in a skill list. Can we rename the combined skills such as Hide/Move Quietly becomes Stealth Repair/Devise becomes Contraptions Sail/Swim (from Al's example) becomes Watercraft Scent/Taste becomes Sense (as per the BGB) I can't think of many more that could be combined and the above are just suggestions. Colin
  13. Fate of BRP

    So we can create our own settings, or derive them from other settings (Skyrim, Fallout and Spelljammer spring to mind). With the BGB (or whatever might follow it), we can pick and choose those rules which simulate the setting, not try to hack CoC or RQG to fit our own campaign worlds. Colin Kudos to this post; flames to /dev/null :-)
  14. Fate of BRP

    This is spot on! Colin
  15. Fate of BRP

    And, despite the success of M-Space (with which I was tangentially involved), this is why I won't be making the jump to Mythras. <flameproof underware on> It just ain't BRP </flameproof underware off>. Colin Flames to /dev/null , please.