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  1. @Questbird Thanks for the mention. Just to expand on this, the "official" Cyberpunk timeline has moved on to 2045 (or 2077 if you play the videogame). I'm running a Cyberpunk RED campaign at the moment using the R.Talsorian rules (sorry, Chaosium). It's purely coincidental that my campaign's timeline has moved on to 2046 :-) . I'm using the Talsorian rules because a) One of my players was an official playtester for the RED rules and his input has been invaluable b) The rest of the group wanted to play something that "wasn't D&D 5th edition" I'll be back for more D100 games as soon as I've read the UGE rules properly! Colin
  2. Hello all fellow MW enthusiasts, I'm volunteering for a local charity to introduce their young people to roleplaying games and related activities (character backstories, world building, map making, character art and the added benefits of RPGs - cooperation, socialising, maths and english skills, among others). The charity's website can be found here: https://www.littlemiraclescharity.org.uk/ Please take some time to look over their website and see the sort of young people they are helping and that, by extension, I am working with. Now, the current iteration of D&D is, in my experience, too complicated and too expensive to get into. I am a big Chaosium fan and I've GM-ed an introductory adventure using Chaosium's Magic World system. The adventure went down a storm and the young people are keen to carry on. The main problem is that I have only one copy of the Magic World rules and at least one player has expressed an interest in buying a copy so she can be the dungeon master. I do understand that the Magic World PDF is available but, imho, that's not the same as the physical rule book. I know that Magic World is no longer in print, which brings me to the point of this email. Is there any possibility that you, players, contacts 'in the trade' or Chaosium staffers themselves can source a couple of copies of Magic World to help in this project? Perhaps there are copies in your store room that you have forgotten about? Or maybe you know someone who has a copy or two that they'd be willing to part with? I'm really keen on pressing ahead with this work and any help you can provide would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance, Colin Brett
  3. Dr_Zarnak, That's a great idea. I'm sure Marcus is on this forum, so I'll reach out. Thanks, Colin
  4. Just to let you all know, I have started uploading 'supporting materials' for the campaign. New skills, NPCs and a dungeon crawl, which can be inserted anywhere in your campaign world. I have to re-draw some of the maps from the original PDFs before uploading the real campaign scenarios. Colin
  5. Version 1.0.0


    npc_encounters.pdf Some encounters to spice up the adventurers' journeys.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    new_skills.pdf Some new skills for the game, culled from various sources and adapted to Stormbringer 3rd Edition.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    balos_dungeon.pdf This is a 'spin off' scenario from the classic Hall of Risk scenario. It can be used when all the original rooms have been explored and the adventurers exit the Hall, expecting to be back in the real world. Alternatively, it can be used anywhere the Jester of Chaos has been meddling in the Young Kingdoms (... or even beyond).
  8. I've tagged this as I'd like to follow the topic. Not a lot to contribute so far but I've always felt the Resistance Table would be useful. Divide Attack (and Parry if applicable) by 5 to produce a number in the 1 - 20 range. Then match the attacking unit's Attack value against the target unit's Attack (or Parry) and roll on the RT. If the attacker is successful, roll damage equal to the unit's primary weapon damage (e.g. Broadsword D8+1) to indicate the number of casualties caused, then roll the defending unit's Armour value (e.g. Hard Leather D6) to reflect how many casualties were saved by their armour. This is very sketchy at the moment, and obviously factors like charging, shock of impact, force backs and morale need to be covered (not to mention missile fire) but I thought I'd throw it out there. Colin
  9. I'm working on it, Baron. Life is getting in the way. Please bear with me.
  10. Late to the party (as usual). I have been out of the BRP/RPG scene for some time now and only occasionally check back on this site. My original website is now defunct, as I'm learning about site-builders (like WiX and Wordpress) and hope to create something new and better-looking. However, I do have the original Golden Grimoire campaign as PDFs, so a question to the moderators, if I may: is it OK to replace or update the current (dead) links with the PDFs? Any suggestions would be most useful. Colin (Oh, and the A stands for Andrew, though I'm flattered @Chaot could think I was an Eternal Companion.)
  11. Ooops! Critical results are listed on the Success or Failure Results table of the SRD but they aren't described in the text. I withdraw my previous comment. Sorry. The Quick Start guide doesn't include Crits at all. Both PDFs have the Resistance Table.
  12. The lack of critical results is the one thing that bugs me about the SRD. Crits and Fumbles have been a staple of BRP since forever. I know that they can be added to anything produced with the SRD but the absence is quite jarring. Is there any chance of a revision to the SRD to include criticals?
  13. "That is not dead which can eternal lie ..." I have the Big Gold Book, which is well-thumbed and the source of great inspiration. I'd love to get my hands on another copy, be it POD or second hand.
  14. I'm a bit late replying to these helpful suggestions. Sorry. I'm going with a mixed bag of options. For example, a character with STR 12 and CON 14 is attacked by a Wasting Disease spirit, loses the spirit combat and is possessed/infected. They begin losing STR points at a rate of one per day and therefore have 12 days to find a cure (being kind here, and assuming the stat loss starts the day after infection). This possession/infection is considered magical and therefore Physik and mundane medical treatment can't cure the disease but can slow its progress (as suggested by @NickMiddleton ). If the victim is being treated regularly - at least every 6 hours, say - and the medic can make a Physik roll once per day, this grants the victim a Stamina roll to avoid the STR loss on that day. This could keep the victim alive for longer than 12 days. Without daily treatment, the victim is not allowed a Stamina roll, and is doomed to lose one STR per day. The only way to treat such a magical disease is to combat it with magic, i.e. a Healing spirit. The characters must find, convince (and probably pay) a Shaman with the ability to summon these spirits. This gives us a race-against-time mission to recruit the Shaman, which creates the sort of tension I'm after. Now, this is where it gets tricky. According to the Magic World Bestiary, a Disease spirit has an average POW of 16-17, while a Healing spirit's POW is just 14, putting it at a mathematical disadvantage in spirit combat against the Disease. I had a thought, then, that an Apothecary working with mundane drugs and potions, cooperating with the Shaman, could grant a bonus to the Healing spirit's POW. I'm not talking a huge bonus (1 or 2 points or 1D3 on a critical Physik skill roll) but it might be enough to swing the balance in favour of the Healing spirit. When the Disease spirit is destroyed or banished, the lost characteristic points regenerate at a rate of one per week to a level one point below the starting level. Again, Physik and Potions can help with this convalescence (at the same 1, 2 or D3 points rate) until the victim recovers. I don't know if this seriously unbalances spirit combat but it fosters cooperation between vastly different character types (the nature-attuned Shaman vs. the more clinical Apothecary), lets explorer-type PCs search for and recruit the Shaman, encourages roleplaying, and generates a sense of urgency in the adventure. Any thoughts or opinions on this sort of approach? I'd love to hear them. Colin
  15. Hi, I've posted this in the Magic World forum but I do suppose it applies to spirit magic in Rune Quest as well. If a character is attacked by a Disease Spirit and loses the MP vs. MP struggle, they are then possessed by the spirit and suffer the effects (wasting disease loses STR, brain fever loses INT). I suppose two questions spring to mind: Can the infected/possessed character fight off the disease spirit through mundane medicine or natural remedies? When cured (either by Healing Spirit or Physik or Potions, if possible) what happens to the lost characteristic points? Are they gone forever or do they regenerate over a period of convalescence? (Perhaps one point per week up to one point lower than the original level.) What I'm looking at is a 'race against time' scenario, where an important NPC is possessed and starts losing characteristic points. The PCs are tasked with finding the cure. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks, Colin
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