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  1. Hi, I'm soon to be running a solo game which may involve some dungeon- or cave-crawling. The character is not combat-orientated and so can't blunder into a fight. MW page 88 says light from a torch or lantern can be seen from 100 metres away but this doesn't cover how far the torch-bearer can see. So the question is: if equipped with a torch, lantern or candle, how far does that light reach to give reasonable vision? Five feet, 10, 50? Are there any official or house rules on this, please? Any suggestions would be very useful. Thanks, Colin
  2. I wrote a set of Perl programs for randomly generating PCs and monsters for BRP and Magic World. If you're interested, I could send you a tar.gz or zipfile. Colin
  3. I don't know if this will get me banned but here goes: I experimented with this idea in (believe it or not) a set of LotR rules I wrote way back when the movies were big. In these rules the Dark Arts (Necromancy, Wizardry - which I define as the summoning of demons, elementals and other spirits - and Sorcery used for evil) could cost points of permanent POW. These points come either from the caster or those victims sacrificed on the altar. One sentient being generated one POW point, as the rest of the POW was expended in the sheer terror of the ritual and, essentially, go to waste. Animal
  4. For me, it's situational. I tend to make an INTx5 roll for the bad guys. If they make it, they're smart enough to flee if things turn against them. If they fail (> INTx5) they're too stupid/obsessed/desperate or afraid of the BBEG controlling them to make a run for it. I might also make POWx5 rolls if they encounter powerful magic. Low-level undead rarely run. Colin
  5. As a follow-up to this, if I fire three shots with a light pistol (3 attk), does each shot after the first accrue the -30% modifier (similar to multiple parries)? As a follow-up to the follow up, do all three shots happen on the same DEX rank? Colin
  6. I've always seen the Cruach Dragon like the dragon's breath in the movie Excalibur. Once freed, it will blanket the Southern Reaches in the Ithiluin Mists. Colin
  7. This was my general idea. I just didn't know how to word it without causing offence. I thought the sacrifice of one sentient soul would be the equivalent of one POW. Of course, such a sacrifice would be "wilful murder" and add to the character's Shadow/Chaos/Evil Allegiance points. Colin
  8. Don't leave us hanging @smiorgan! Give us some details! 😀 The Stormbringer Demon Magic supplement had rules for sanity, where summoning a demon would force a SAN roll and (slowly) lead to madness. I've always thought the "1 permanent POW for temporary binding, or 3 permanent POW for permanent binding" was a bit steep (as it could leave the sorcerer unable to cast magic). Some of the ideas I have around this are a little too "out there" to go into on a friendly forum. Colin
  9. Okay, as I mentioned up-thread, here are my ideas for a campaign arc. The wards imprisoning the Cruach Dragon are failing. The Broadsword of Heroes is the only weapon that can destroy the Dragon and the PCs are currently looking for the sword in Glimmerwell. Civil war is brewing between House Drum and House Beleghir. Lady Tagia, who left Lord Drum for Lord Beleghir, is actually a Fey in disguise. She will have the old Lord poisoned and take the throne of Belehold. Military escalation happens on both banks of the White River. Now, one of the PCs has been knighted by Lord Drum,
  10. @soltakss Thanks for your thoughts on this. I worry about starting an "arms race" between PC and NPC power levels. I don't want to be seen as retaliating. @Qizilbashwoman So, to expand on @soltakss point, threats come from within, yes? The Magic School's Head of Alchemy feels aggrieved at being passed over for a promotion? The cultist encounters rivals with a conflicting belief in the same deity? I like where this is going. 🙂 @pachristian I thought Roll20 was a D&D platform. I will investigate, thanks. As I mentioned in the original post, most of the players are wa
  11. Hi, I'd be interested in joining in with this project, if you have room for a new collaborator. You can see some of my work in the Downloads section of this site. I've had the idea for BRP crossover rules since 2002 (which I intended to use for cyberpunk games) but never got round to finishing it. I'd be happy to lend a hand with an OpenBRP engine. Regards, Colin
  12. Hi, I have a Southern Reaches campaign (currently in lockdown, sadly) where I have allowed the players a great deal of freedom with their characters. Of the five players, only one had extensive RPG experience, the rest were first timers. Most of the team are experienced wargamers. One character, for instance, found a polar bear cub, raised to adulthood and now rides it instead of a warhorse. Another has become Dean of the Lashingport school of magic (bizarre story), while a third has started his own cult. The fourth player is looking for one of the enchanted items in the rulebook, a
  13. I had the same version. My copy fell apart and is now kept in a ring-binder. Is yours still in once piece? Colin
  14. Gotta go with 3rd edition. It was the first RPG I ever GM'ed and, like a first car or first love, it's something I'll never forget. Yes, it was wild and crazy but that craziness could always be justified in some way. Why would a Pan Tangian sorcerer team up with a Nadsokor beggar? Because the Lords of the Higher Worlds wanted it that way. Colin
  15. @Rick Meints posted the above comment more than 6 hours ago, but I rolled a 00 on my Knowledge: Law skill and couldn't follow many of the posts in this thread. I do have a couple of questions that fit Rick's "I want to write X, but your license options don't allow it" point. First, I have uploaded a few items to this site that use BRP rules directly from the BGB, Magic World and Stormbringer. These are not for sale and never will be. They are there for community use. Do I need to take these items down? I will if necessary (or an admin can do it on my behalf) but quite a bit of work went
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