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  1. Hi, Do the Magic Points stored in a Sorcerer's Staff count alongside the Sorcerer's own MP when making Resistance Table rolls. e.g. a Sorcerer with POW 17 has 17 MP and a fully charged Staff containing 16 MP. Does this mean the Sorcerer's MP equals (17+16=) 33 on the Resistance Table? I can't find any reference to this in Magic World, SB5 or the BGB. Any suggestions or house-rules for this would be very useful. Thanks, Colin
  2. I've used Elric, Yyrkoon and Smiorgan as NPCs. I think to use the characters as PCs needs a group of players who are heavily into the Eternal Champion lore. Colin
  3. I wrote a set of Lord of the Rings rules (which I think are around here somewhere) where CHA (or APP) reflected the character's personality as well as looks. I reasoned that magic is an intensely "personal" business, so CHA/APP affected things like range, area of effect and duration of spells. Colin
  4. I'm running a Southern Reaches MW campaign and have re-read the various spell descriptions. When I come to the Walking spells (Wind-Walking, Wave-Walking and Earth-Walking) I find the caster seems to have no means of walking through that element (Flame-Walking is an exception to this). It seems a bit pointless that Wind-Walking doesn't allow the caster to fly, for instance. I'm thinking of tweaking these spells so the caster can (perhaps with a POW roll) control the distance and direction moved. I know that Southern Reaches Erdebroc Dwarfs can move at quarter speed when using their innate Earth-Walking ability and worry that allowing a Human caster to move through earth would, in some way, devalue that talent. Have you any experience with these spells? If so, would you care to share what you've learned? Thanks, Colin
  5. A Traveller conversion written by Stefan Matthias Aust, edited by Shannon Appel, and published in the Chaosium Digest (Vol 6, Number 5) statted the Aslan, lion-like creatures. Aslan were basically Human with the following modifiers: STR 3D6+2, SIZ 2D6+6, though it did say that male Aslan might have INT 2D6+4. Colin
  6. Sounds like a fascinating scenario. Do keep us posted. I did a brief Google search for "weird events in world war 1". A skim through the following lists might give you some ideas: http://listverse.com/2017/11/04/10-bizarre-stories-from-the-great-war/ https://www.warhistoryonline.com/world-war-i/mysteries-controversies-wwi.html One story that grabs me is the completely mundane story of the Lost Treasure Of The Tsars. What if one of the PCs is carrying a hallmarked ingot of the Tsar's gold? Lots of Conceal Object rolls and the sort of paranoia (SAN rolls) that accompanies a valuable, hidden treasure. A heavy gold bar could also be used as a murder weapon 😉 On the supernatural side, there is the Angel of Mons. In a fiction piece written by Arthur Machen, he describes phantom bowmen from the Battle of Agincourt destroying the Germans. This led to reports of more supernatural influences, aiding the Allies. There's plenty of ancient history hidden in a Mediaeval monastery. Perhaps something could be "woken". I hope you find the above links helpful. Regards, Colin
  7. Would a PC need two character sheets? One for in the Matrix and one for in the "real world". Neo has skills uploaded into his brain ("I know Kung Fu") but do those skills work in Morpheus's ship? Their training session is in a construct, not the hold of the Nebuchanezzar. We could make all uploaded Matrix skills Difficult in the real world. Then, of course, we have the difference between Matrix-born and naturally born characters (like Tank and Gozer). Keeping non-Matrix characters involved in a Matrix run is much like the problems in Cyberpunk genre games where the Hacker spends an hour of game time in the Net, while the rest of the PCs twiddle their thumbs. Also, could a Matrix-personality (avatar?) have Superpowers in the Matrix? The Leap power would allow the character to succeed at the Jump program, for instance. Just a few more ideas here. Colin
  8. True. However, assuming no magic or supernatural powers in the Matrix, maybe Fate Points (BRP p.176) could be used to simulate effects like "bullet time". Just throwing ideas out there. Maybe this should be moved to a different thread? Colin
  9. This 🙂 . Though I, of course, got John Wick and John Constantine mixed up. In my defence, it's an easy mistake to make: both were played by Keanu Reeves. Now BRP Matrix ... there's an idea. Colin
  10. MOB: Many thanks for your sterling efforts in moving Chaosium-related G+ posts to Tapatalk. I have just registered and look forward to seeing (and contributing to) more content. Regards, Colin Brett
  11. I like both ideas and explanations. But (and there's always a "but", isn't there?) how does the caster of Undo Sorcery know what he or she is trying to Undo? Is it an Unbreakable Bonds spell holding the mighty-thewed Barbarian in place or something more mysterious? This is one of the greatest things about Magic World (and BRP in general) sorcery (or powers): there are no, or few, explicit descriptions of a spell or power's appearance. Does Unbreakable Bonds manifest as a glowing set of handcuffs, a ball and chain, or a patch of quicksand (minus the drowning in the slurry, because that would be a different spell)? At this point, maybe the sorcerer should think about using Witch Sight on the victim of Unbreakable Bonds to divine what is affecting the Barbarian, before casting Undo? Sorcery is not a predictable power. But while the sorcerer dithers over whether to Undo the spell affecting the Barbarian, the Bonded character is rendered powerless. Of course, the caster of Undo might make the wrong choice. This then becomes an in-game decision by the sorcerer's player, which needs to be adjudicated by the GM. And this brings us back to the original question: is the adjudication based on the circumstances, the rules, or just "winging it"? I don't really want to cause a stir here but some of my players have D&D experience and are kinda used to "definite answers". Colin
  12. Hi All, I'm returning to Magic World and the Southern Reaches and this time have two dedicated sorcerers in the group. I see the use of sorcery ramping up over the coming sessions. My question is about Undo Sorcery. It seems pretty clear that a spell of lower level is undone, that is, a Level 4 Undo Sorcery spell will completely dissipate a Level 3 Unbreakable Bonds spell. It's also pretty clear that if a Level 2 Undo Sorcery spell is cast at a Level 3 Unbreakable Bonds spell, the Unbreakable Bonds is weakened but continues "running" at Level 1. How would you handle this weakening of the Unbreakable Bonds? Or, indeed, any other spell weakened in this way? Perhaps the spell's duration could be reduced? Or perhaps the STR vs. MP (in the case of Unbreakable Bonds) would be against one third of the caster's MP (the Bonds are weakened by 2-out-of-3 Levels, so it seems reasonable that the Bonds are now "powered" by 1/3 of the caster's power). This is just one example of the spells Undo Sorcery affects. How have my fellow GM's handled these sorts of situations? Is it a case of winging it, based on the circumstances? Thanks, Colin
  13. That depends on if you want to avoid any "Imperial entanglements". 😁 On a more serious note, you might find the attached file useful. It's big. Sorry. About 17.5 Mb and 540 pages. I found it here: https://usir.salford.ac.uk/14831/1/D083029.pdf It contains little snippets like: The and charge for passing under the bridge at Marlow was "one penny for each vessel passing under the bridge laden with goods for sale exceeding in value 40s." (37); at Windsor:- "Every ship passing under the bridge, laden with wares for sale exceeding the value of 100s., is to pay two pence." (38) Charges were also made at the bridge of Maidenhead:- "id. on every ship or boat laden with merchandise passing under it." (39) Where "s" represents shillings and "d" represents pence. So there may be charges for passing under bridges. There's this, as well: The river was used for the conveyance of passengers in the twelfth century; in 1198 the Sheriff of Shropshire paid 6s. 3d. for the hire of a barge to carry the wife of one Griffin ap Rese from Bridgnorth to Gloucester. (3) Bridgnorth to Gloucester is about 60 miles, not much different from your Tindale to Shillingsford journey. There are 12 pence in one shilling, so the journey from Bridgnorth to Gloucester would have cost (6x12)+3 or 63 pence According to MW p.35, a loaf of fresh bread costs 1 Bronze. For this to be "affordable" in the middle ages, it would seem that 1 Bronze = 1 penny. Therefore, Bridgnorth to Gloucester would be 63 Bronze, plus the costs of any bridges passed under. Roughly, this is 1 Bronze per mile. Your journey from Tindale to Shillingshead is about 3/4 the distance of Bridgnorth to Gloucester, so the cost would be about 63 x .75 = 47 Bronze. Let's round that up to 50, say, to account for bridges and other taxes. Now, I freely admit I've had a few pints tonight and the research was carried out very quickly. So I'm not terribly confident of the 1 Bronze = 1 pence conversion. However, you may be able to get some comparisons from the following links: http://www.guildofstmichael.org/money/prices.html http://medieval.ucdavis.edu/120D/Money.html http://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/SLT/society/city life/cost.html http://www.luminarium.org/medlit/medprice.htm http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/currency/default0.asp#mid Price comparisons from these sites are mostly Renaissance-based. It depends on how "developed" you consider the society of the Southern Reaches to be. Booze aside, I hope you find this useful. Regards, Colin PS: If you need some more input with your Tindale project, please let me know. D083029.pdf
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