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  1. @David Scott That's the page that is missing from my copy. (Grumble, GW production quality, grumble). Colin
  2. Hi @Borejko The title page of SB3 was painted by Peter Jones, as interviewed by John Blanche in White Dwarf 90 in June 1987 (thirty years ago! Arioch save me, I'm getting OLD ). Many of the other full-page colour and black-and-white illustrations are by Frank Brunner. Are you looking for something specific? Regards, Colin
  3. Hello Borejko, I have a copy of the Stormbringer 3rd ed rules (as I'm sure many others on this forum also possess). From my copy, which has admittedly fallen apart over the years but has all the pages, I can't see a list of "artist credits" which makes narrowing down the search a little tricky. Do you have a description of the illustration you're looking for? I can go through it page by page if need be. Regards, Colin
  4. Outstanding! I had thought of something a bit simpler, however. If the game's skills can't exceed 100, then a Fumble occurs on 00 (for skills => 50%) or 99-100 (for skills < 50%). A Mishap occurs on 99 (for skills => 50%) or 97-98 (for skills < 50%). The same parameters can be used for skills over 100. This way, a super-skilled character (eg 150% in a skill) doesn't go from success to Fumble in a single step: there is a chance of something "slightly less disastrous" happening instead. Note that these were just ideas: they have never really been tested in a game. Colin
  5. I've actually thought about having an extra level of failure. It seems quite drastic that a character can have a normal fail or a complete disaster. A "mishap" level, worse than a fail but not quite as bad as a fumble, to balance out the critical/special/success levels. Any thoughts? Colin
  6. Welcome aboard, Mel! And welcome to BRP Central. Colin
  7. Regarding doubling-up on some skills. It's just gut instinct for me but "Hide/Move Quietly" or "Repair/Devise" look untidy in a skill list. Can we rename the combined skills such as Hide/Move Quietly becomes Stealth Repair/Devise becomes Contraptions Sail/Swim (from Al's example) becomes Watercraft Scent/Taste becomes Sense (as per the BGB) I can't think of many more that could be combined and the above are just suggestions. Colin
  8. So we can create our own settings, or derive them from other settings (Skyrim, Fallout and Spelljammer spring to mind). With the BGB (or whatever might follow it), we can pick and choose those rules which simulate the setting, not try to hack CoC or RQG to fit our own campaign worlds. Colin Kudos to this post; flames to /dev/null :-)
  9. This is spot on! Colin
  10. And, despite the success of M-Space (with which I was tangentially involved), this is why I won't be making the jump to Mythras. <flameproof underware on> It just ain't BRP </flameproof underware off>. Colin Flames to /dev/null , please.
  11. @Chaot Looks very nice. A couple of questions, if I may. What are Brawn, Finesse and Weapon Styles? Have they been adapted from other systems or are they your own home brew ideas? And, as a question of style, which fonts are you using? They look really nice. Colin
  12. Karlaak by the Weeping Waste is perhaps the obvious choice. Elric lives there with Zarozinia at the start of Stormbringer. It would be an interesting encounter with a "tall, moody albino whose name nobody caught." Colin
  13. I for one would love to play in a campaign like this! One question, however: would the players or characters know the world is doomed before the campaign begins? (Either through the players' own knowledge or through clues previously planted in the game.) If the PCs know (or suspect) the outcome, I think this would change their attitudes to scenarios presented by the GM. I would arrange things so they (willingly or not) aid Elric in retreiving the Horn of Fate, then have a WTF moment when they realise just what they've done. Then they have a mad scramble to escape the Young Kingdoms by whatever means they can contrive. After all, eternity in Ameeron is surely better than being reduced to the very stuff of Chaos. Or maybe not . Colin
  14. @Marcus Bone I don't think you were being pretentious and it does show the level of thought you've put into it. It's why I'm interested in working with you on this. I particularly like the idea of being "victims" of Fate. As for a Fate system, my first thought was a random table of possible destinies. The player rolls a "possible future" and decides whether they want to fight or embrace that future. The GM would have to craft scenarios where the character is given that choice. This adds an element of randomness to your more structured character generation process, so might not be satisfactory. (It's a throwback to the randomness of SB3.) Thinking about this, a character could have three Fates, one each for Law, Chaos and Balance. As Allegiance scores increase, the character is pushed towards one of these Fates. The player then decides to pursue this destiny or fight against it. Apotheosis happens when the character whole-heartedly follows that path; it needn't happen when an Allegiance score hits 100. I don't know how to assign these Fates during character generation aside from a long list of suggested destinies that the player can randomly roll or choose. If the player has strong ideas, however, these can supersede random rolls. These options put a lot of the work on the GM to craft a campaign where each character is given the chance to shape their own destiny, rather than being pushed into it by Mistress Fate and the Balance. Colin
  15. Hi Marcus, It has been a while since I read the Elric stories but I am under the impression that the vast run of the Young Kingdoms population don't know a Balance exists. It seems they have been manipulated into choosing a side and fighting to the death. Some characters in the books do know of the Balance and pass on snippets of information as the plot demands. I don't think even Elric accepts the Balance until the Stormbringer novel. If the characters are all agents of the Balance, then a couple of things spring to mind: They are special or gifted in some way and should have higher characteristic scores (2D6+6 as mentioned elsewhere) and/or skills at the start. The entire Young Kingdoms are "the enemy" and that's a lot of opposition to their quests. They don't know they are agents until they reach apotheosis. I think it falls to the GM here to craft adventures where the PCs thwart the plans of "Chaos one week and Law the next" (so to speak), thus maintaining the Balance without even knowing they are serving the Balance. This could be a big ask for the GM. I don't know how a Fate mechanic would work but, given the points above, it might be better for your needs. I'd be interested in how you see this working. Regards, Colin