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  1. "That is not dead which can eternal lie ..." I have the Big Gold Book, which is well-thumbed and the source of great inspiration. I'd love to get my hands on another copy, be it POD or second hand.
  2. I'm a bit late replying to these helpful suggestions. Sorry. I'm going with a mixed bag of options. For example, a character with STR 12 and CON 14 is attacked by a Wasting Disease spirit, loses the spirit combat and is possessed/infected. They begin losing STR points at a rate of one per day and therefore have 12 days to find a cure (being kind here, and assuming the stat loss starts the day after infection). This possession/infection is considered magical and therefore Physik and mundane medical treatment can't cure the disease but can slow its progress (as suggested by @NickMiddle
  3. Hi, I've posted this in the Magic World forum but I do suppose it applies to spirit magic in Rune Quest as well. If a character is attacked by a Disease Spirit and loses the MP vs. MP struggle, they are then possessed by the spirit and suffer the effects (wasting disease loses STR, brain fever loses INT). I suppose two questions spring to mind: Can the infected/possessed character fight off the disease spirit through mundane medicine or natural remedies? When cured (either by Healing Spirit or Physik or Potions, if possible) what happens to the lost characteristic points?
  4. I did do some work on Cyberpunk and Warhammer 40000 settings for BRP. You can find them in the Downloads section. Colin
  5. I am undecided on this. I 'cut my teeth' (so to speak) on Stormbringer 3rd edition. That used separate attack/parry skills for each weapon, with each increasing separately through experience. I still have a soft spot for that sort of crunchiness. However, Magic World uses the broad class of weapons and skill with one = skill with all the others, and I kinda like that, too. I think it depends on your group. My Stormbringer group were happy with the extra complexity. My Magic World group, almost all of whom were players new to RPGs of any type, prefer the weapon category approach.
  6. I got my son started with the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (way back when he could start counting the spots on 2D6) then gradually got a bit more complex. I have run BRP Star Wars (using files from this site), BRP Cyberpunk (using my own mash-up) and Magic World games for my wife and son. I think RPGs are a great way of spending quality family time. Colin
  7. dmariz18. I saw this on their site. Thanks for the heads-up. Colin
  8. Book-marked for future reference. Thanks. Colin
  9. Hi GothmogIV I'm looking into Roll20 myself. I'd be interested in keeping up with any progress you make. Thanks, Colin
  10. For me, D&D is like Warhammer 40K: anything after 2nd edition really didn't grab me. I've tried to keep up, tried to get a grip on the systems but 'meh' sums it up for me. Give me BRP-based systems and I'm happy.
  11. Hi, I'm soon to be running a solo game which may involve some dungeon- or cave-crawling. The character is not combat-orientated and so can't blunder into a fight. MW page 88 says light from a torch or lantern can be seen from 100 metres away but this doesn't cover how far the torch-bearer can see. So the question is: if equipped with a torch, lantern or candle, how far does that light reach to give reasonable vision? Five feet, 10, 50? Are there any official or house rules on this, please? Any suggestions would be very useful. Thanks, Colin
  12. I wrote a set of Perl programs for randomly generating PCs and monsters for BRP and Magic World. If you're interested, I could send you a tar.gz or zipfile. Colin
  13. I don't know if this will get me banned but here goes: I experimented with this idea in (believe it or not) a set of LotR rules I wrote way back when the movies were big. In these rules the Dark Arts (Necromancy, Wizardry - which I define as the summoning of demons, elementals and other spirits - and Sorcery used for evil) could cost points of permanent POW. These points come either from the caster or those victims sacrificed on the altar. One sentient being generated one POW point, as the rest of the POW was expended in the sheer terror of the ritual and, essentially, go to waste. Animal
  14. For me, it's situational. I tend to make an INTx5 roll for the bad guys. If they make it, they're smart enough to flee if things turn against them. If they fail (> INTx5) they're too stupid/obsessed/desperate or afraid of the BBEG controlling them to make a run for it. I might also make POWx5 rolls if they encounter powerful magic. Low-level undead rarely run. Colin
  15. As a follow-up to this, if I fire three shots with a light pistol (3 attk), does each shot after the first accrue the -30% modifier (similar to multiple parries)? As a follow-up to the follow up, do all three shots happen on the same DEX rank? Colin
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