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{Mythic Britain) A Question on Iroscottish Seafarers and Plausibility


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I think I need something like a "mythic plausibility check" for the basic assumption of my revived Asornok setting. :mellow:

The setting's concept is to move the Asor people (imagine them somewhat like Inuit) from my old Asornok setting to the coast of Greenland and then bring them in contact with seafarers from Dal Riada in the Mythic Britain setting. My problem with this is that I am not sure whether the players could accept the idea of Iroscottish seafarers able to reach Greenland during the time of Mythic Britain. I know that there is evidence that Irish monks lived on Iceland quite early, before the Norse settled there, but Greenland is a bit further from Dal Riada than Iceland is from Ireland.

What do you think, would you accept the idea of Dal Riada seamen visiting the coast of Greenland, or would you refuse that idea ?

Thank you very much for your opinion. :)

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In a game it's fine.Brendan the Navigator encountered icebergs and frozen water, so wasn't too far from Greenland. He seems to have landed on the American continent, so Greenland isn't too far-fetched. Mael Duin also seems to have seen an iceberg.

Celtic monks seem to have been to the Faroes and Iceland, so Greenland is not too much of a stretch.

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There are known, confirmed Viking-age Norse settlements in North America, and I believe that the fragmentary texts associated suggest that the settlements weren't "exploring the unknown" but colonizing a destination they already knew of & had visited.

I believe that there is a strong tradition (but little written evidence) that fishermen from Northern Europe ventured as far as the vast fishing-shoals off the northern coast of North America; never "settling" but possibly touching base for repairs, fresh-water, etc.  Cornish & other Celtic groups, possibly some Norse/Saxons/etc from the continent, etc.

Basque whaling is attested before 700AD -- with strong implications of an established and widely-known trade at that time -- and is known to have reached North America (not known is when they FIRST reached the New World... ) .

Historians in the 1500's were claiming that those commercial/peasant endeavors arrived some time before Columbus...

Some go so far as to suggest that this "commoner" awareness was centuries-old before anyone literate did anything similar, and that it's from the ubiquitous little fishing-boats that the Vikings got rumors of Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland/NorthAmerica...

But honestly, from a "Mythic" perspective, I prefer stories of St. Brendan, Bran the Blessed, Mael Duin and similar sources!


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