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Skaerune' Update:


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So I wanted to update Skaerune' a bit tokeep everyone in the loop. Things have been thin lately with more life changes, all for the better, but working on the game and other projects had to take a back seat. Life seems to be affording me more time now, though.

Changes to the Game World

I have made some subtle changes to the world itself. I found a few aspects to be a little too derivative and I wanted to make a more unique setting. I realize there is not a whole lot of information on the world as it is, so folks may not even notice the difference. 

Changes to the Rules

Again this has been pretty subtle, but I have tweaked the rules a bit. Specifically on Strain, trying to make for less math and granularity for the players and GM. Make no mistake, Skaerune' is not rules light, but I am trying to make it rules smart. Once people outside my small group start to play it, this will be the focus of feedback I ask for.

About a Year Behind....

So I am about  a year behind where I wanted to be, but the time has been well spent. Skaerune' is a much better game today than when I started. I will be releasing Salt Mine Blues and let people play with that. Then I will be releasing a small (again FTP) playtest version of the full game and finally sometime next year a full blown version of Skaerune'

Some More Previews

Next week I will have a few more previews of creatures and I think the cultures. Maybe a cult or two as well.  

I promise, Skaerune' is not going away :)

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Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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