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Hi all!  Okay, finally finished up A Time To Harvest Episode 1.  One of my players decided to head to the forest with a few emotionally scarred NPC students. (All good, Noakes died in the process and walked into the Sheriff's Office the next day - woot ;) )  A Keeper question for the situation - the character had low sanity, so the Dreamlands imports did a number on his sanity, quickly getting an indefinite insanity.  (Psychosomatic Blindness) They successfully (threw in a new player in the group as Jason Trent to take over the NPC) were able to get Emily Braithwaite back, after killing the Moon Beast and then putting John Jeffrey on his way to the great beyond. That's a potential total of 22 SAN rewards, he rolled 16.

SO, being that the character only had to lose like 8 for an indefinite and he received 16 back - what are opinions on the indefinite insanity?  Since it is caused by a damaged brain and the brain has been righted in doubly better shape, would some rule that his mental relief has relieved him of the indefinite insanity and he's fixed himself? There is clause in the rules about "key connections" causing a recovery from an indefinite insanity - I'd think a deluge in sanity rewards may be equivalent? I think I'll go with deficient on vision for the next episode (maybe his view is "darkened" and he can only see in black and white?) as per a suggested duration in the rulebook, but just wondering what everybody thought about situations of getting more sanity back than you lose in these situations.

As an aside for A Time to Harvest on the reward for the Dreamlands Portal sidetrek: That's a helluva lotta SAN rewards - I'd say a bit too much considering the fate of the House and Dig teams. Maybe bring the Moon Beast or Emily reward down a bit, or put a cap on the SAN recovery that can be gained from the total rewards on the sidetrek?


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Yes, its somewhat like Self Help in sanity gain  - its the Keeper's call. You can say that as they dealt with the cause of the sanity loss then their indefinite insanity is now gone. 

I'll be looking over SAN gains for Harvest in due course when I come to revise it ready for print.

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