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I'm prepping for a campaign and waffling on the system I want to use. My players are use to the class-level paradigm of many other popular role-playing games. I'd like to consider Mythras as a ruleset, but to do so, I feel like I'm going to need to provide illustrative archetypes and power down into tiers of competencies. It's been a while since I've read the book, but what I want to do is something along these lines:

Define novice archetypes, with X number of points (300?) divided among skills particularly useful to that archetype. eg:

Thief: Stealth 75, streetwise 50, fighting style 50, Lie & Cheat: 50, Skullduggery 75

Ranger: Wildcraft 75, Fighting Style 75, Healing 50, Plant Magic 50, Humanoid Lore 50

These are guidelines. They serve as packages for the player who doesn't want to tweak or guidelines for those that do.

The second part I want to include is a step away from the micromanagement of skill improvements. I have a tight campaign in the making and I would like the freedom to just tell the players, "You're all journeyman heroes." so that the increased capabilities of the individual character dramatically coincide with the campaign arc. A journeyman thief adds 25 to stealth, 15 to Fighting Style, and 30 points to optional skills, etc.

I'd like there to be approximately five tiers - novice, journeyman, master, grandmaster, epic. At each tier, I'd like to illustrate each archetype's competency. Has anyone done something like this? I feel like this is a riff on the cult/guild status system. I also think it's been done in Classic Fantasy, although that might not be precisely how I want to address things.

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And don't forget Realism Rule # 1 "If you can do it in real life you should be able to do it in BRP". - Simon Phipp

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+1 -- Classic Fantasy and done!

Originally built for BRP (and probably still available in that version, but I presume you'd RATHER have the Mythras version, since you're asking in the Mythras forum!), it has been re-built in a shiny new Mythras edition, available in deadtree as well as PDF...

It's very well reviewed & well-received, and the author is busily at work writing more material and soliciting authors to write even more more material...

If you want to roll your own "similar but not quite the same" product, you probably STILL want to get CF, if only to mine for ideas; and probably, to join the YGroup that the author runs, and discuss things there...


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