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Valuable Naming Resource

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While searching the web for a good source of historical names, I came across this site


It is the freakin' motherlode of historical names. Whoot. This is just what I was looking for for the "Dark Millenium" setting.

Frank Frey

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That's a very nice resource, and a very impressive piece of work. Thanks for posting it! I checked through with the languages I'm familiar with and it looks accurate and consistent (although I can't actually find my own surname yet, ironically... :D).

Does anybody remember the old "Treasury of Archaic Names" by Judges Guild? That was very cool also - you could randomly generate "mediaeval" personal names, placenames, village names, nicknames, etc. I wonder if that's available in PDF anywhere...



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I often use this site for coming up with names.


I have a copy of the Judges Guild book. It's a little worn, but I've been working on entering the data into a name generater as I get time. I figure once I get it completed, I'll contact the powers that be and see if I can make it public on the web as a free resource.

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