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[Skae'] Caretakers: Lore


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So as I am going through and re working much of Skae' and one of the small things I have been on this week has been the Caretakers. They are the strange race who took care of the barren world before the coming of the First City. Since then they have guarded the ancient places, sometimes helping and sometimes battling the new comers.  Their full story is still a mystery but here is what is commonly known:

  • Caretakers are tall and grey skinned humanoids. They have long faces, no mouth but a long proboscis. They communicate through light glands along their neck and hand motions. They may also be telepathic but this has not been  confirmed. Caretakers have wings and can fly a short distance. They can move through water though it is not known if this is traditional swimming or something else. Caretakers do not wear clothes but they do wear armor of ancient design when expecting a fight.
  • Caretakers have never been seen eating but they do cook or leave food for others. 
  • Caretakers use long spears for weapons. These are made from what is known as Deep Iron.
  • Caretakers mostly stay in their sacred places, though they have been known to live near dragons and giants. Occasionally one will assume the role of a protector for a village of men.
  • Caretakers know sorcery or at least counter spells.
  • There are rumors of a ruined Caretaker city. No one living has seen it.


So far that is all I have. Caretakers are NPCs of course but they make an interesting addition to the world.


Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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